Ben McKenzie Cast As Detective Jim Gordon In Fox’s GOTHAM Series

Fox’s Gotham television series has finally found its Jim Gordon. It has been announced that Southland actor Ben McKenzie has landed the role of the detective/future commissioner in the upcoming Batman prequel show, which has a series commitment. The series’ version of Gordon is described as “an idealistic rookie detective for Gotham City Open Police Department’s Homicide Squad, a former college football star and a war hero.” Interestingly, McKenzie previously voiced the Dark Knight himself in the 2011 animated feature Batman: Year One
The one hour Gotham pilot was written by Bruno Heller, who will executive produce alongside director Danny Cannon. The series will explore the origins of Gordon and iconic Gotham villains, such as Joker, Penguin, Catwoman, and Riddler. Younger versions of Bruce Wayne and Alfred Pennyworth will also appear. In fact, the plan is to depict Bruce Wayne’s journey to become Batman, and will first don the cowl at the end of the series, ala Smallville
As for other casting, it was recently reported that Sons of Anarchy‘s Donal Logue was offered the role of Harvey Bullock, but it is unknown if that ever went through. Casting is also underway for Bruce Wayne and The Penguin. Gotham is expected to begin filming in March, and will likely premiere on Fox next fall. [Via Deadline]

UPDATE: The Hollywood Reporter has added more info on Gotham‘s incarnation of Jim Gordon, offering a more detailed description of the character. “Gordon is a rookie detective for Gotham City Open Police Department’s Homicide Squad. A college football star, and a war hero, Gordon was fast-tracked through the GCPD ranks. He’s brave, energetic and honest. Driven to live up to the classical virtues of a father he barely knew, he’s an idealistic soul, to the point of naiveté. That virtue is tempered by analytical intelligence and an ambitious alpha male ego — he’ll back up his naive ideals with action.” 

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