FEATURE: Ten DC Characters Who Should Appear In THE FLASH TV Series

Not unlike Arrow, The CW’s upcoming Flash spin-off is looking to showcase a number of fan-favorite DC characters. Alter egos for Vibe (Cisco Ramon), Reverse Flash (Eddie Thawne), and Killer Frost (Caitlin Snow) are both set to appear as series regulars, while Hartley Rathaway (the civilian identity Pied Piper) will also feature. Of course, that’s just the beginning, as The Flash will explore areas never before seen in the universe created by Arrow. Below, I’ve compiled a list of ten DC characters who should appear on The Flash at some point.

Captain Cold
Commonly considered one of Barry Allen’s biggest foes, Captain Cold is a shoe-in for an appearance on The Flash sooner or later. A key member of the Rogues team, Leonard Snart has unique powers not unlike Batman’s Mr. Freeze, and it would be interesting to see how it would work on television. Of course, with Caitlin Snow already being introduced, will the series feature two key villains with similar superpowers?
The Trickster
Another popular Flash antagonist, it’d be a surprise if Trickster doesn’t appear on the Scarlet Speedster’s next attempt at television. The villain was played by Mark Hamill in both the 1990 Flash series and in Justice League Unlimited, and in the comics, he is another member of the Rogues. In fact, a Trickster was mentioned in screen test dialogue from the Flash pilot, increasing the likelihood of the character’s inclusion. 
Captain Boomerang
The Flash has many villains that would work well on television, and Captain Boomerang is no exception. The character is an antagonist that fits in well with not only The Flash, but also Arrow‘s more grounded world. In fact, an idea I had concerning Boomerang’s introduction would be to include him as a member of the Suicide Squad on Arrow, and he could then go to Central City to battle Flash. It would stay true to the source material while continuing the series’ world building.
Amanda Waller
Speaking of world-building, one Arrow character who should pop up from time to time on The Flash should be Amanda Waller. The activities of the Scarlet Speedster should be of interest to the director of ARGUS, as it would involve superpowers and the like. Perhaps that would cause Waller to become paranoid of superhuman beings, and having it lead to the creation of Project Cadmus would be exciting. Again, Waller’s inclusion would provide further connective tissue between Arrow and The Flash, serving as a reminder that they share the same universe. 
Emil Hamilton
With S.T.A.R. Labs set to feature prominently on The Flash, an ideal character to introduce would be Emil Hamilton. The professor has been seen in various forms of DC media, most recently in last summer’s Man of Steel. With Hamilton likely dead in that universe, following his being drawn into the Phantom Zone along with Faora and other Kryptonians, introducing him on Arrow would be smoother. However, this would further indicate that Arrow is unfortunately separate from the DC Cinematic Universe. 
Felicity Smoak
Now onto a more obvious choice. In the Arrow mid-season finale, Felicity and Barry established a strong bond. Ms. Smoak also visited Central City following Allen’s Flash-y accident. She would be the most ideal guest star to appear every now and then on The Flash, as she is one of Arrow‘s most popular characters, and there is plenty of room to further explore her relationship with Barry.
Wally West
You couldn’t have a list like this without including the most popular Flash among fans. While Wally West shouldn’t receive superpowers initially, any sort of appearance on The Flash would send fans in a frenzy. However, if Wally is introduced, it’ll likely be a much younger version that we’re used to. Wally is traditionally Barry’s nephew, and Barry is already young. But perhaps Wally can be introduced as Kid Flash on the series at some point?
Mirror Master
Okay, I’ll include one more Rogue. Mirror Master is yet another key villain in the Flash mythos who would be perfect for the small screen. His powers are unlike anything currently seen in live action superhero movies and television, making him a unique addition to the DC universe created by Arrow. He’s another antagonist who could also appear on Arrow first before moving over to The Flash – keep in mind, Stephen Amell confirmed that we will be seeing some more Central City characters in Starling this season.
Silas Stone
Again, S.T.A.R. Labs will have a significant presence in The Flash, making any sort of major DC references possible. One of these would be Silas Stone, the father of Vic Stone, aka Cyborg. He could easily be introduced as a scientist working for the organization, exploring his studies of the growing world of superhumans. And of course, having Stone show up would allow the final character on this list to appear organically.
Cyborg is at the peak of his popularity right now. He has been established as a founding member of the Justice League, he appeared in animated movies such as Justice League: War and The Flashpoint Paradox, and he’s the subject of the latest cameo rumor for Batman vs. Superman. So, it would be obvious to bring Vic Stone into the Arrow/Flash universe, especially with Geoff Johns heavily involved. Have both Vic and Silas Stone appear in a 2-3 episode arc, with Vic becoming Cyborg. And who knows – perhaps Cyborg could be the star of the next Arrow spin-off series.
Which DC characters do you wish to see appear on The Flash?

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