SUICIDE SQUAD Begins Filming Next Spring; Director David Ayer Rewriting Script

In a story at the Hollywood Reporter Wednesday, some news
about Suicide Squad came to
light.  The story was about Margot Robbie
working out a deal to play in The
Taliban Shuffle
alongside Tina Fey. 
The story mentions that Robbie is still negotiating a role in Suicide Squad at the moment and that
role could affect her schedule for 2015.

The article states that director David Ayer is currently
writing a script and that filming is scheduled to begin in the spring of 2015.  It had previously been rumored that WB/DC was
moving forward with a script they had in house and a script by Justin Marks leaked to Bleeding Cool in January of this year.  While this
news does not rule out that rumor, it is not surprising either as directors
often prefer to use their own scripts or scripts written by their creative
teams rather than studio scripts.

Ayer has recently described his idea for Suicide Squad as
“The Dirty Dozen with Supervillains” and asked “Does a
movie really need good guys?”  He
also praised the passion of comic book fans while saying that film technology
has finally caught up to comic books in bringing the characters to life in
dynamic ways.

film Fury was release last week and
opened to critical praise and ninety percent rating from audience at Rotten Tomatoes.   Financially it is also Ayer’s most successful
film to date, opening to $31 million domestically. Time will tell if Ayer’s
successes with Fury will mean
anything for Task Force X.
Suicide Squad premieres
in theaters August 5th, 2016

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