FEATURE: Ten More DC Characters Who Should Appear On ARROW

Arrow has been praised for its inclusion of many elements within the DC Universe beyond Green Arrow. From guest stars such as Barry Allen and Amanda Waller to mentions of Ra’s al Ghul and the Suicide Squad, there is no shortage of easter eggs in the CW series. Now, with a third season officially on the way and plans for at least two more seasons following it, many fans have been speculating which other characters will make an appearance on the show. Below, I’ve listed ten characters who could feature on Arrow at some point. (Note: due to Batman’s presence on the big screen and the planned Gotham series, characters such as Nightwing and Red Hood are unlikely to appear on Arrow. So, they and related characters are not included here.)

The Question
I’ll get one of the most obvious choices out of the way. The Question has been a commonly suggested character for an appearance on Arrow, and it’s not hard to see why. Vic Sage is an interesting character known for his detective skills, and he can fit like a glove into the (somewhat) grounded world of Arrow. Perhaps the character can come in to solve a major mystery in one episode? Plus, Question and Green Arrow have teamed up a handful of times in the Justice League Unlimited animated series, making a live action gathering more intriguing.  
Steve Trevor
Trevor is a key supporting character in DC lore, most commonly in Wonder Woman’s mythology. While The CW’s Amazon is no longer moving forward, there’s no reason why Trevor still can’t be integrated into the network’s DC Universe in another fashion. The character has connections to ARGUS, which features prominently on Arrow. Maybe Trevor can be introduced as an agent of ARGUS, and he could work alongside David Ramsey’s Diggle. 
Katana would be an ideal fit into the world of Arrow. The character has been featured more frequently lately in DC projects, particularly the Beware the Batman animated series and a spot on the New 52’s Justice League of America, as well as a short-lived solo comic. She can easily be introduced on Arrow as a member of the League of Assassins. And with plans to form the Birds of Prey, perhaps Katana can be the third member of the team? 
The Ted Grant version of Wildcat was a member of the Justice Society of America in the comics, and mentored heroes such as Batman and Black Canary. Due to his lack of superpowers, he would be an easy character to introduce on Arrow. When the time comes for Laurel to become the Black Canary, who better to train her than Wildcat? 
Black Mask
Roman Sionis is a very ideal villain to use on Arrow. The show has been using lesser known Batman villains such as Deadshot and Clock King to its advantage, and it would only seem logical for a crime boss such as Black Mask to follow. However, there’s still the possibility of the character being used in Fox’s Gotham series, which is not connected to Arrow, eliminating the chances of Sionis taking on Oliver Queen. If he isn’t used there or on the big screen, however, he should most definitely feature on Arrow.
Copperhead is another lesser known Batman villain, appearing in the Justice League animated series and a female version being introduced in Batman: Arkham Origins. Again, if he won’t be used elsewhere, he should certainly be used as a character on Arrow. With the Suicide Squad growing, perhaps Copperhead can join the team alongside Deadshot and Bronze Tiger? Arrow has also been short on animal-inspired villains, making Copperhead a fresh addition to its universe.
Rick Flag
Speaking of the Suicide Squad, it’d be obvious to include original member Rick Flag – especially since he and his son, Rick Flag Jr., have both been a part of the team in the comics. Perhaps Flag can be introduced on Arrow as another agent of ARGUS, handpicked by Amanda Waller to join her squad. He would be a welcome and unsurprising addition to the series’ world.
Lady Shiva
Another frequently suggested choice, Lady Shiva would be an ideal character to feature on Arrow. She could have connections to the League of Assassins (similar to Beware the Batman‘s version), though after Nyssa al Ghul’s appearance, it would be redundant. Perhaps she could be an assassin hired to take out a character on the series, catching The Arrow’s attention. In the comics, Shiva was at one time a member of the Birds of Prey, making her another possible choice to include in Arrow‘s take on the team.
Anarky is yet another character recently featured on Beware the Batman who could just as easily be used on Arrow. He would be a good fit for a politically charged episode, guest starring as a vigilante anarchist. Again, his lack of superpowers would make him an easy addition to Arrow, as the concept of superhumans has just been introduced. Anarchy could also serve as both a mental and physical challenge to Oliver Queen.
Ra’s al Ghul
You all saw this one coming. Regularly namedropped on Arrow, it would only seem logical to introduce the Demon’s Head himself at some point down the line. After Nyssa al Ghul and other League of Assassins members appearing in Starling City, and with Slade Wilson apparently the big bad of Season 2, perhaps Ra’s can be the main villain of the recently confirmed third season. With his reputation, as well as the likes of Malcolm Merlyn fearing him, al Ghul could be Oliver Queen’s most physically and/or mentally challenging opponent to date. And he would unarguably be the most exciting new addition to Arrow out of the characters listed here. 
Which characters do you want to see guest star or recur on Arrow?

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