BATMAN VS. SUPERMAN Scribe David S. Goyer Expresses Interest In Tackling Green Lantern

After working on The Dark Knight Trilogy and Man of Steel, David S. Goyer is currently Warner Bros.’ go-to screenwriter for DC movies. He most wrote the original draft for Batman vs. Superman, which unites Superman, Batman, and Wonder Woman on the big screen for the first time. He is also contracted to pen Justice League, and is rumored to be involved with smaller DC films such as Suicide Squad. Additionally, Goyer helped craft the story for NBC’s Constantine pilot. But in a recent interview, the scribe mentioned yet another DC character he’d like to work on.

Speaking with Collider while promoting Da Vinci’s Demons, Goyer went on to discuss making Krypton a “truly alien world” in Man of Steel. The interviewer then suggested that the film’s opening sequence was exactly what the Green Lantern film should’ve been, and asked if Man of Steel could be used as a template for future films starring the Emerald Knight. Goyer replies, “I’d love to do Green Lantern,” before reaffirming that he wanted to realize the science fiction elements of Superman’s story.

Currently, details on Green Lantern’s big screen future are unknown. After the failure of the 2011 movie, plans for a sequel were canned. Lantern is expected to be present in the planned Justice League film. Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson was rumored to be taking on the John Stewart role, but the actor recently denied that.

If and when Green Lantern returns to film, I can see Warner Bros. being interested in hiring Goyer once more. Regardless of fans’ criticisms, the screenwriter was involved with four of DC’s five highest grossing movies (domestically), so it makes sense to stick with him. Though, with Chris Terrio reportedly giving Goyer’s Batman vs. Superman script an overhaul, who knows how confident WB is in the Man of Steel scribe now.

Anyways, for Collider’s full interview with Goyer, you can watch the full interview below. Would you like to see him take on Green Lantern or another DC character?

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