Is Harley Quinn Appearing In ARROW S2E16 “Suicide Squad”, Played By Cassidy Alexa?

After the premiere of this week’s stunning episode of Arrow, a promo for the March 19th episode, “Suicide Squad”. One of the shots offered a glimpse at an ARGUS prisoner with pale skin and blonde hair tied up in ponytails. This immediately led to speculation that the character was Harley Quinn. This makes sense, as Quinn is currently a member of the Suicide Squad in the New 52. Plus, the character has significantly grown in popularity in recent years, appearing in the Batman: Arkham video games and recently headlining her own comic series.
Additionally, Webster Talent stated on Facebook that actress Cassidy Alexa will be appearing on Arrow in a “quirky” role. Fans then took to Alexa’s Twitter page to congratulate her on landing the part, saying she’s perfect for Harley Quinn, etc. Alexa merely retweeted these comments, not denying them, but certainly fanning the flames. 
Even executive producer Marc Guggenheim was asked about the Quinn rumors by ComicBook.com, responding with, “This tickles me no end. I’ll tell you two things: 1) this is NOT the special announcement — that’s episode 219 and this is 216 2) to paraphrase Aaron Sorkin: “There’s gonna be an episode of Arrow. I’d watch.”” This special announcement is concerning the title of episode 19, which should come soon.

Finally, Comic Book Therapy reached out to Webster Talent’s Andrew Webster to elaborate on Alexa’s Arrow role. Webster Talent is the key location of actors who land roles on Arrow, as well as upcoming CW pilots The Flash, iZombie and Supernatural: Tribes. Andrew Webster states, “Cassidy Alexa is getting a lot of heat surrounding her upcoming ‘cameo’ on Arrow. I’m in the dark as to what the producers have planned for her so we’ll have to find out. She’s a very exciting young actress to keep an eye on.” Again, this isn’t a denial that Alexa is playing Quinn. 

If Harley Quinn is indeed coming to Arrow, she would be the latest DC character linked to Batman to appear on the series, joining the likes of Clock King, Deadshot and the League of Assassins. While there has been a limit on certain Batman characters appearing on The CW (such as Nightwing and Batman himself), there are apparently no current plans to bring Quinn into Fox’s Gotham or 2016’s Batman vs. Superman, as well as future Batman movies. In that event, CW is allowed to use her for Arrow if the network wishes to. Of course, we’ll have to wait and see if this rumor comes true, but there’s certainly a lot of support for it. Stay tuned for more news as we have it.

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