Manu Bennett Possibly Confirms The Big Bad For ARROW Season 3

Arrow‘s Manu Bennett was present at Megacon in Orlando, Florida, where the Slade Wilson actor talked in detail about playing the character. The most interesting question asked Bennett if there was a possibility of Slade teaming up with Malcolm Merlyn, should he survive his showdown with Oliver Queen later this season. Bennett affirmed that he does not know how the season will end, as the finale has yet to be written. However, he did confirm that John Barrowman will return as Merlyn in Season 3, “quite possibly” as the big bad once again. Head over to Spoiler TV for more of Bennett’s guest appearance at Megacon.

Malcolm Merlyn was the main villain of the first season of Arrow. He has only appeared a handful of times this season, but the revelation of Thea being his biological daughter has become a key plot point, leading to Oliver cutting himself off from Moira. Merlyn disappeared at the end of S2E8, faced with the threat of Ra’s al Ghul for his Undertaking in Starling. It will be interesting to see the circumstances of his return – perhaps later this season? – and the thought of his being the big antagonist again for Season 3 is an exciting prospect. Stay tuned for more Arrow news as we have it.

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