Rumor: Matt Damon Wanted To Play Aquaman; Will JUSTICE LEAGUE Feature A “Barbarian” King Of Atlantis?

While not confirmed, Aquaman is expected to be a member in the recently announced Justice League movie. Actors such as Jason Momoa and Josh Holloway have been rumored to play the character in a Superman vs. Batman cameo appearance, to set up the superhero ensemble. Now, to accompany last night’s big announcement, we have a couple of new possible tidbits surrounding the King of Atlantis.

According to The Wrap, one casting rumor that has circulated for “more than a year” has linked actor Matt Damon – a longtime friend and collaborator of Ben “Batfleck” Affleck – to the role of Aquaman. While it’s unknown if the Bourne star will sign up for the part, it does make sense to pursue a respectable actor such as Damon to play a character who has been the butt of comic book jokes for decades. The Wrap then reaffirms that Jason Momoa is “expected” to appear in Superman vs. Batman in an unknown capacity.

Meanwhile, Badass Digest weighs in on the Zack Snyder/Justice League news with its own Aquaman bit. According to the site, early Justice League drafts did feature the King of Atlantis, who is depicted as “more of a barbarian”. Inspired by the Justice League Unlimited version, perhaps? If true, then the Momoa rumor makes more sense. Momoa can definitely play a barbarian well – see Conan the Barbarian (on second thought, don’t bother). Also, a more aggressive version of the character can sell those who are in doubt of Aquaman making a good movie character.

Who do you think should play Aquaman? Matt Damon? Jason Momoa? Stay tuned for more DC news as we have it.

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