Casting Underway For Four New Characters In ARROW Season 3

With filming for the third season of Arrow set to commence next month, casting news for new characters is expected to come soon. Now, thanks to TV Line, we have descriptions for four new additions to the series. Two of these characters will feature in Oliver’s Hong Kong-set flashbacks, while another is a new villain. The fourth is perhaps the most intriguing, as he will serve as a new love interest for Felicity. More details can be found below.

DANIEL | Though Daniel could be a fake name to throw off spoilerholics, this 20something gent — a major recurring character for Season 3 — is a handsome, enigmatic and highly intelligent entrepreneur developing groundbreaking technology. (Picture a business magnate in Ryan Gosling’s body.) Though exuding charm and confidence in public, he privately harbors a tragic past that will drive him to become a tech-powered superhero. Watch for this formidable fella to be a love interest for Felicity and a rival of Oliver’s – both personally and professionally.

SETH | A well-educated criminal with grand ambitions and a knack for chemistry, this potentially recurring character gains power over his enemies by exposing them to a drug that drains their willpower. Oh, and he is very much a physical match for The Arrow.

TOSHI | Majorly recurring in (at least) the Hong Kong flashbacks, Toshi will serve as Oliver’s teacher and handler, and eventually become a friend. A well-trained operative, skilled in weaponry, combat and intelligence gathering, he is also a devoted father and husband.

AKIKO | Toshi’s wife is another of Oliver’s Hong Kong caretakers, and is herself highly skilled in martial arts.

Concerning Daniel, speculation suggests that he could actually turn out to be Ted Kord, aka Blue Beetle. The character has been referenced multiple times on Arrow, so it would make sense to introduce him at some point. Plus, “tech-powered superhero” certainly fits Blue Beetle. Stay tuned for more news on this as we have it. Arrow returns to The CW this fall.

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