NAPOLEON DYNAMITE Star Jon Heder Wants To Play Aquaman

Aquaman is finally planning to make his big screen debut soon, with a cameo in Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice and then a bigger role in the Justice League film. Jason Momoa has reportedly been cast as the King of Atlantis, but we have another actor who is interested. Speaking with Daily Mail, Jon Heder – best known for his lead role in Napoleon Dynamite – has expressed interest in playing Aquaman. “I would totally love to play Aquaman, especially if they wanted me for the role and thought I had a good enough body. ‘I can breathe under water for a little bit, I can hold my breathe for a few minutes in the audition…'” He then states that he is a fan of the comic book movie genre, and would love to land a role in an installment. “No, seriously, I love the superhero genre and I’m very interested in doing a big budget studio version.”

Again, however, with Momoa said to be on board for playing Aquaman, Heder’s chances are very slim, especially with rumors of King Arthur being depicted as more barbaric. But would you like to see Napoleon Dynamite play a superhero or villain?

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