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Suicide Squad is only one week from release, but there are already talks of a potential sequel. A few months ago, it was reported that Warner Bros. is lining up writer-director David Ayer and star Will Smith to return for Suicide Squad 2, with plans to begin production next year. So, it is likely one of the two untitled 2018/2019 films recently dated by WB. Additionally, Ayer expressed interest in making the sequel with an R rating.

Over the years, many DC Comics characters have served as members of the Suicide Squad. And given the very concept of the group, we can expect at least a couple casualties in the movie. So, it would make sense to add more members to the team in a sequel.

Below, I’ve compiled a list of ten DC Comics characters who should be considered for Suicide Squad 2.

Deathstroke was heavily rumored to appear in the first Suicide Squad movie, but as far as we know, that’s not happening. However, he may be popping up in a DC film sooner than later. Arrow‘s Marc Guggenheim said that the character won’t appear on the show again due to being “tied up” by another DC project. So, why not Suicide Squad 2?
In recent years, Slade Wilson has become a more popular adversary in the DC Universe; his appearances in the likes of Arrow and Batman: Arkham Origins only help that. So, it is only logical for him to appear in the DC Extended Universe. Plus, Slade has a history with the Suicide Squad in the comics, and touching upon that in a movie sequel makes plenty of sense. They can even use Suicide Squad 2 to launch a Deathstroke spin-off film.
If Warner Bros. wants to add just one new member to Suicide Squad 2, then look no further than Deathstroke.
Cheetah is one of Wonder Woman’s most recognizable enemies. Thus, it wouldn’t be surprising to see her appear in the DCEU at some point. A Wonder Woman sequel is a good possibility, but how about Suicide Squad 2?
In the New 52 comics, Cheetah was a member of the Suicide Squad. So, there is a some history between her and Task Force X that can be brought onto the big screen. Theoretically, Warner Bros. can use Suicide Squad 2 to introduce Cheetah before putting her in a Wonder Woman sequel, creating another connection in the DCEU.
Cheetah is a great character who should be utilized by DC Films, and having her interact with the Suicide Squad would be very interesting.
Black Manta
Another way the Suicide Squad franchise can further tie in to other DC films is to add Black Manta. Manta is an enemy of Aquaman, and he’s even rumored to appear in that character’s 2018 movie. After that, though, it’d be cool to see him join Task Force X.
Like Deathstroke and Cheetah, Black Manta has a comic book history as a Suicide Squad member. He’s a great, formidable villain who would be a more than welcome addition to the DCEU. His interactions with the Squad would be fun. Plus, how cool would his suit look in live action?
Black Manta in Suicide Squad 2 would only increase interconnections between DC films, and he would be a great fit into this world.
Poison Ivy
Poison Ivy is one of Batman’s more popular villainesses. The character was previously adapted to film in 1997’s Batman and Robin, and….yeah, the less said about that movie, the better. Since then, Ivy has been seen in other forms of media, such as Gotham. But it would be cool to see her redeemed on the big screen, and one way that can be done is Suicide Squad 2.
Many of the members in Suicide Squad are enemies of Batman, so Ivy would fit right in. Plus, the sequel could explore her relationship with Harley Quinn. In the comics, the two are best friends, and more recently, their relationship became romantic. 
Of course, if the two don’t meet in Suicide Squad 2, then maybe Ivy can appear in the Harley Quinn-centric female ensemble spin-off instead.
King Shark

King Shark was rumored to appear in Suicide Squad, but it doesn’t look like that’s happening. However, the character has been depicted as a member of Task Force X many times in the comics and in animation. So, he would be an ideal fit for Suicide Squad 2.

If the sequel really wants to add a new level of “crazy” to the team, then you can’t go much crazier than a giant talking shark. King Shark would bring moments of insanity, hilarity, and all-around awesomeness to Suicide Squad. Plus, he could serve as another connection to Aquaman, and I would love to see him interact with Killer Croc.

King Shark would increase the fantastical elements of Suicide Squad 2. Him as a member would be so crazy, it’d probably work.

Bane is easily one of my favorite Batman villains, and I’d love to see him in the DCEU. He was first adapted into Batman and Robin, before being brilliantly portrayed by Tom Hardy in The Dark Knight Rises. As great as Hardy’s version is, a DCEU version could be far more faithful to the comics.
Again, many of the DCEU’s original Suicide Squad members have connections to Batman, making Bane a logical next step. He would really bring the muscle to Task Force X, while also proving that he’s not just a mindless brute. Plus, Bane is one of the Batman villains most frequently adapted to the big screen, so putting him in the DCEU at some point makes sense.
Overall, Bane would be a great addition to Suicide Squad 2, further expanding Batman’s DCEU rogues gallery.
Killer Frost
Killer Frost is a persona adopted by several characters in DC Comics, and any one of them would be a good fit into the Suicide Squad 2 lineup. Her ice-based powers would be unique for this team, and again, seeing her interact with her fellow teammates would be fun.
Caitlin Snow is a regular character on The Flash television show, and while she doesn’t have superpowers yet, her Earth-2 doppelganger became Killer Frost. To differentiate from the TV version, the DCEU could always go with Crystal Frost or Louise Lincoln, who were both Killer Frost before Caitlin in the comics.
Regardless, Killer Frost would be a fine addition to the Suicide Squad.
Parasite is one of Superman’s lesser known antagonists. His power set, which allows him to absorb superpowers and energy, makes him stand out from other DC villains, including the Suicide Squad. Which would make his dynamic with the team in Suicide Squad 2 all the more intriguing.
Parasite is a villain who can easily hold his own alongside the rest of the Squad, and he was a member in the comics. Plus, adding him to the team would expand the DCEU Superman’s rogues gallery, which has been a bit underutilized on the big screen. They can use Suicide Squad 2 to introduce Parasite before pitting him against Supes in a Man of Steel sequel.
Overall, Parasite would be a cool addition to the Suicide Squad, and it would add yet another connection to the universe’s heroes.
Traditionally a hero, Vixen also had connections to the Suicide Squad in the comics. In fact, the original movie draft – written before David Ayer was hired to direct – featured Mari McCabe as a member. So, why not make it happen in Suicide Squad 2?
Vixen would serve as yet another great female member of the Squad, while her powers – allowing her to mimic the abilities of any animal – would help make her a unique addition to the team. Jada-Pinkett Smith has already thrown her hat into the ring to play Vixen in a movie. The character can also get her own spin-off movie if audiences like her in Suicide Squad 2.
Vixen is one of multiple heroes currently on The CW’s DC shows, but that shouldn’t stop Warner Bros. from bringing her to the big screen.
Black Adam
And finally, we have what is probably the most unrealistic choice on the list. Black Adam will be played by Dwayne Johnson in 2019’s Shazam movie. Previously, Johnson hinted at plans to eventually integrate the character into the greater DCEU. One way that can happen is Suicide Squad 2.
Black Adam served as a member of the Squad in the comics, so there is precedence. Teth-Adam would most likely be the Squad’s most powerful member in a movie, and he can easily be the team’s “big gun” in terms of strength. Plus, imagine the star power that Dwayne Johnson would bring to an already stellar A-list cast?
Again, I highly doubt that this will ever happen, but Black Adam in Suicide Squad 2 would be a fine way of connecting Shazam to the DCEU.
Honorable Mentions: Bronze Tiger, Multiplex, Red Arrow, Reverse-Flash, Talon

Which DC characters do you want to see in Suicide Squad 2?

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Founder and EIC of WOBAM! Entertainment. Christian. Student. Watcher of movies and TV, reader of comics, all that good stuff.