Steven McQueen Addresses Nightwing Rumors And His Love For The Character

The Vampire Diaries‘ Steven R. McQueen has made his love for Nightwing no secret. The actor has been campaigning for the role for some time, hoping to bring Dick Grayson to the world of Arrow. This has led to speculation that McQueen is actually up for the part in the CW series. Now, he has clarified those rumors. Speaking with The Wrap, McQueen reaffirmed his love of superheroes, particularly Nightwing. He then confirmed that he has not been offered the role of the former Robin (yet), and his initial tweet to Arrow‘s Greg Berlanti about it – which included the above image – was merely a joke that sites have run with. Finally, McQueen says that (obviously) he will jump at the chance to play Nightwing or any other superhero, despite his involvement with The Vampire Diaries. You can watch his full interview with The Wrap below. Do you wish to see Steven McQueen as Nightwing on Arrow?

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