Jon Hamm Reveals That He Turned Down Offer To Star In GREEN LANTERN

For years, Jon Hamm has been mentioned by fans when discussing who should play certain superheroes. Superman and Batman were the most frequently named options, while the Mad Men star was also suggested for the likes of Lex Luthor and Doctor Strange. Turns out that he was offered a comic book movie role in the past, but he turned it down.

During an interview with GQ Magazine (via Contact Music), Hamm revealed that Warner Bros. pursued him to star in the 2011 Green Lantern film. A number of actors were linked to the lead role of Hal Jordan, such as Chris Pine and Bradley Cooper, before Ryan Reynolds was cast. Hamm said that he turned down this role due to his lack of interest in the comic book movie genre. “They came after me pretty hard for ‘Green Lantern’. But I was like, ‘Meh, that’s not what I want to do.’ Never say never, but these aren’t the kind of movies I like to go and see. They don’t make the kind of movies I like to see anymore.” 

Of course, this may have been a decision for the better because Green Lantern is now known as not only one of the most critically panned superhero movies, but also one of the most financially unsuccessful. Still, this is disappointing news for fans who have wanted to see Hamm in a comic book film. While he doesn’t sound 100% opposed to the idea, his comments make it less likely. However, he would have certainly been an intriguing Green Lantern, especially since he looks fairly similar to the Alex Ross rendition of Hal Jordan. Still, if Hamm were to play a comic book character, which role would you most like to see him in?

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