Greg Berlanti Talks THE FLASH Villains, Crisis And The ARROW Crossovers

Speaking with FlashTVNews at PaleyFest recently, The Flash executive producer Greg Berlanti discusses the highly anticipated Arrow spin-off. While talking about his love for the Crisis on Infinite Earths storyline – which saw the death of the Scarlet Speedster – in the comics, he was asked if we could ever see an event similar to it in the CW series. “A lot of stars would have to align, I think, and we’d have to be really, really blessed and lucky to actually build toward that.” 

Talk then turned to The Flash‘s planned crossovers with Arrow. Of course, the latter’s Felicity Smoak will visit Central City in episode four of the spin-off series, while Clock King will take on Flash in episode seven. However, the big crossover will occur in the eighth episodes of each show. Greg Berlanti reveals that the Arrow episode will use a popular villain of Flash’s, and he teases strife between the two heroes in the appropriately titled Flash episode, “Flash vs. Arrow.” “We use a famous Flash villain, actually, in the Arrow episode, and then I would say as much as there is a villain in the Flash one – the first one (“Flash vs. Arrow”) – we’re not deceiving anybody with the title. There will be some real fisticuffs between our heroes.” Berlanti then had this to say when asked if any character interactions surprised him and the other writers in the crossover episodes. “It’s all the interpersonal stuff, so it’s the real connection…. the deepening friendship between Barry and Oliver is always great. But when you’re getting to write scenes with Cisco and Dig… that’s just a cool scene, you know? And Diggle’s reaction when he sees what The Flash can really do? It’s hysterical and funny.”

Finally, Berlanti is asked about the recent news that the villain Blackout will appear in The Flash. He only confirms that the character debuts in episode seven, but he wouldn’t reveal the title, which should be released soon. For more of FlashTVNews’ interview with Berlanti, click the link above. The Flash premieres on The CW October 7th, while Arrow returns on October 8th.

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