Live Action Teen TITANS Pilot Starring Nightwing Ordered By TNT

The Teen Titans are no strangers to television. In the early 2000s, the group headlined the Teen Titans animated series, which was more recently rebooted as a far more kid friendly show called Teen Titans Go! after a slew of successful DC Nation shorts. A similar group, Young Justice, was also the focus of the acclaimed animated show of the same name. Now, the DC Universe’s younger heroes are heading to live action, becoming the focus of DC’s latest television series.

TNT has ordered the superhero drama pilot Titans, which was written by Akiva Goldsman and Marc Haimes, both of whom will executive produce the potential series as well. Fans of Dick Grayson will be pleased to hear that he will serve as the protagonist, as the pilot will focus on his becoming Nightwing after fighting crime alongside Batman as Robin. He will go on to become “the leader of a fearless band of new superheroes including Starfire, Raven and more. The show is described as a dramatic adventure series that will explore and celebrate one of the most popular comic book titles ever.” It is unclear which other members will make up the Titans. Members in past iterations include Cyborg (who will be played by Ray Fisher in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice), Roy Harper (played by Colton Haynes on The CW’s Arrow) and Kid Flash.

It is also unknown if Titans will be connected to any of DC’s other television or film properties. However, since it is on a different network from the other shows, and DC has been clear that its movie and TV universes are separate, don’t be surprised if this is another standalone project. There has been talk of Dick Grayson appearing in Arrow and/or Batman v Superman, but those chances have almost definitely decreased now that he’s starring in his own potential series.

Titans is one of many DC television shows in the works. In addition to Arrow returning this season, the studio will also premiere The Flash, Gotham and Constantine this fall. Meanwhile, Vertigo title iZombie will debut next winter, while the likes of Hourman and DMZ are also in development. Just recently, it was confirmed that a Supergirl series is being planned. So, while it is preparing to dominate the big screen, DC is looking to take over television. Good times. Stay tuned for more news on Titans as we have it.

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