FEATURE: Ten Characters Who Could Appear on THE FLASH Season Two

The first season of The Flash greatly expanded the universe created by Arrow, integrating many fan-favorite DC characters. From Firestorm to many of the Rogues to future Vibe Cisco Ramon, the show has fully embraced its comic book roots, making it a significant addition to The CW’s take on the DC Universe. With a second season on the way, more iconic DC heroes and villains are expected.

Season two of The Flash is expected to feature more Speedsters, with Jay Garrick and Wally West strong possibilities. Villains such as Mirror Master and Dr. Alchemy are also planned for appearances. Below, I’ve listed ten more characters who should appear in this season and/or a future season of The Flash.

Captain Atom

Captain Atom is a frequently seen member of the Justice League in the comic books and some cartoons. However, he has yet to receive a live action adaptation. He would be a perfect fit into the world of The Flash; it is easy to imagine his atomic powers working on the show. Also, love interest/enemy Plastique appeared in an episode last season, so that’s at least one part of his mythos in the series.

Both The Flash and Arrow are seemingly assembling their own Justice League/Justice Society, featuring superheroes such as Firestorm, Atom and Black Canary. If The CW wishes to continue adding to the roster, Captain Atom would be an ideal choice, especially since he likely won’t be appearing in the DC Cinematic Universe anytime soon.

Vandal Savage

A fan-favorite villain in DC Comics lore, Savage is set to be the main antagonist in DC’s Legends of Tomorrow. One way that The Flash can pave the way for the midseason series is to have the (seemingly) immortal adversary make some sort of appearance before antagonizing the Legends.

The Flash and Arrow will be laying groundwork down for Legends of Tomorrow in the first halves of their next seasons. Captain Cold and Heat Wave will be featured in both shows, while you would imagine that Sara Lance will be resurrected on Arrow before Legends premieres. If the shows can set up the heroes for this new spin-off, why not the villain?

A cliffhanger ending for The Flash’s midseason finale featuring Savage would be a perfect way to increase anticipation for Legends of Tomorrow, even if it is a brief scene.


Vixen will be headlining her own animated series for The CW Seed, a digital spin-off of the main CW network. Both Flash and Arrow will appear in the show, firmly planting it in the CW-DC Universe. Assuming that it is a success, it would be logical to bring Vixen into the live action shows. An obvious way to do so is having her guest star in at least one episode of The Flash.

Bringing Vixen into The Flash would open up the magical side of the universe, adding a new corner not yet explored. Additionally, there are not a lot of female heroes on these shows, save for Hawkgirl, Thea/Speedy and the Canary Sisters. There are also only a small handful of heroes of other ethnicities, another gap that should be filled.

Adding Vixen into the mix would help fill those voids. And who knows, maybe she could later join DC’s Legends of Tomorrow as a member of the team.

Roy Harper/Arsenal

Roy Harper was written off of Arrow as a series regular last season, following actor Colton Haynes’ contract expiring. However, that doesn’t close the door on occasional guest star appearances on the show or even its spin-offs. The Flash will likely cross over with Arrow multiple times next season, similar to last season. One way to do so is to have Arsenal visit Central City.

When we last saw Roy, he was in another city with another identity. However, he quickly moved from that city. Perhaps he could find his way into Central City? It is uncertain how Roy could adopt a persona such as Arsenal once more, given his “death” on Arrow last season. Even if he did, he’s gonna need a new costume.

Still, there is interest in having Roy return at some point, and having him guest star on The Flash wouldn’t be a bad idea.

Captain Boomerang

Digger Harkness confronted both The Flash and Arrow in the two shows’ crossover event last season. The villain, a former member of the Suicide Squad, was later sent to ARGUS’ prison on Lian Yu, joining Slade Wilson. Boomerang was one of the most engaging antagonists on Arrow’s third season, and it would be a shame if we never saw him again – which is a possibility, given the character’s role in the Suicide Squad movie.

If The CW can still use Captain Boomerang, however, then an appearance on The Flash is a must. Harkness is a frequent enemy of the Scarlet Speedster in the comics, and he is often seen as a member of the Rogues, a team currently forming on the show. It would be great to see Boomerang join the other villains in the series.

Red Tornado

Another lesser-known member of the Justice League in the comics is Red Tornado, an android who has appeared in various DC animated pieces, including a memorable arc on Young Justice. However, he has not been given a live action adaptation yet. Since there are apparently no plans to bring Red Tornado to the big screen, why not to The CW’s DC Universe?

Red Tornado’s powers would be fascinating to see on The Flash, as he can manipulate the air and wind. The character can also be seen as DC’s answer to Marvel’s Vision, another superpowered android who was arguably the standout character in Avengers: Age of Ultron.

Ultimately, Red Tornado is a fan-favorite among comic book readers, and they will surely be thrilled to see him in the ArrowFlash universe.


The existence of Metamorpho in the CW-DC Universe was first hinted at in an episode of Arrow, which mentioned Stagg Industries. A company called Metamorpho Chemical was later referenced in another. Simon Stagg himself, who is traditionally responsible for Rex Mason’s transformation into Metamorpho, appeared on The Flash, but he was quickly killed off by Harrison Wells.

So, it is unlikely that we will see Metamorpho’s origin story adapted perfectly, but it would be cool to see the character appear on The Flash someday. Again, his powers of elemental transmutation would be unique to see in this universe. He has also appeared in a few animated DC shows, such as Justice League and Beware the Batman, giving him a little mainstream exposure.

The fact that Metamorpho’s world has been referenced a few times on both The Flash and Arrow certainly can’t hurt his chances of making a full-fledged appearance. And if either show is looking to add another superhero to its cast, then Metamorpho is an obvious option.

Plastic Man

Yet another recognizable Justice League member in comics and cartoons, Plastic Man is undoubtedly a fun character. Essentially, think of him as the Fantastic Four’s Reed Richards – both can stretch their bodies into any shape – but with a quirky sense of humor. Warner Bros. was developing a live action Plastic Man film years ago, with the Wachowskis circling to direct. That movie never saw the light of day, but it showed that the studio had at least some interest in bringing Plastic Man into the live action world.

While a film appearance seems unlikely, perhaps Plastic Man can find his way onto The Flash. Yet again, he is the type of character who would fit (no pun intended) like a glove in this universe. He would help lighten the mood, and he’s another hero who could be recruited into a Justice League/Justice Society type team if the shows ever formed one.

Plastic Man is another fan-favorite among fans, and with this success, he would be an ideal addition to the Flash universe.

The Shade

A frequent enemy of Flash in the comic books, Shade’s only non-comic presence was a few appearances in the Justice League and Justice League Unlimited animated shows. However, he was an interesting character in those series’, and his powers of manipulating shadows are certainly distinctive from other villains.

This would make him a good character to use on The Flash at some point. The majority of the show’s villains so far are metahumans affected by the particle accelerator’s explosion, and ideally, Shade would be an exception from that trend. Combining his powers and Flash’s speed would also make for some awesome action sequences.

The Flash has plenty of villains who are worthy of an appearance on the show, and The Shade is one of them.

Green Lantern

You saw this coming, didn’t you? Both The Flash and Arrow have hinted at Hal Jordan’s existence  – in fact, an episode of the former referenced a Ferris Air test pilot who “disappeared.” Throw in the constant mentions of Coast City, which will likely feature in Arrow’s flashbacks next season, and it would be obvious to bring Hal into at least one of the shows.

Hal Jordan and Barry Allen have one of the most iconic friendships in comic book history, and it would be great to see that explored on The Flash. Hal also has a key partnership with Oliver Queen, so appearing on Arrow is another option. And of course, you can’t have Hal Jordan without him becoming Green Lantern. Or can you?

While The Flash has had stunning visual effects, Green Lantern’s powers would be particularly difficult to translate. Could they be done on a CW budget? If so, then a team-up with The Flash and/or Arrow – leading to his own spin-off series? – is a must.

Which DC characters would you like to see in season two of The Flash?

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