Rumor: Will The GREEN LANTERN Reboot Star Multiple Green Lanterns?

So far, Warner Bros. has cast six of the seven members of its big screen Justice League. The missing member is Green Lantern, who will headline a film reboot in 2020. There has been much speculation regarding which character will don the ring. Will it be Hal Jordan, who starred in the critically panned Green Lantern film from 2011? Or will it be John Stewart, a favorite among fans?

While Jordan has been the Lantern most frequently seen in recent Justice League comics, animation and merch, Stewart was recently rumored to be the one we’ll see in 2017’s Justice League Part One and beyond. Additionally, WB apparently does have film or television plans for Stewart. Now, a new rumor suggests which character(s) will be the focus of the next Green Lantern movie.

According to Collider, the Green Lantern reboot will focus on more than one human Lantern. Hal Jordan, John Stewart and Guy Gardner are specifically mentioned as characters who could star in this new film. It could be all three of them, or just two of them.

The site says that the studio hopes to incorporate various different Green Lanterns, suggesting a bigger focus on the Green Lantern Corps as a whole. However, right now, the focus will be on these 2-3 human Lanterns. At least one of them will pop up in the two-part Justice League epic. Could Warner Bros. announce who will be playing the next Green Lantern(s) at Comic-Con next month? Perhaps.

Collider adds that this info may be subject to change, as the movie is very early in development. As such, take this rumor with a pinch of salt until we receive further verification. Stay tuned for more as we have it. The Green Lantern reboot is set to hit theaters on June 19th, 2020.

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