NBC’s CONSTANTINE Casts Emmett Scanlan As Jim Corrigan, AKA The Spectre

A couple of months ago, Constantine writer and executive producer Daniel Cerone shared his interest in introducing Jim Corrigan in NBC’s highly anticipated DC series. Of course, Corrigan is best known in the comics for being the alter ego of The Spectre, one of the more recognizable supernatural characters in the DC Universe. Considering the fact that the creative team of this show has access to the magical side of the DCU, it’s unsurprising that they would consider bringing in The Spectre at some point. And now, he is finally making his live action debut.

According to IGN, The Fall and Guardians of the Galaxy actor Emmett Scanlan has landed the role of Jim Corrigan, who will recur as a guest star on Constantine. This iteration of the character is described as “a homicide detective in New Orleans who is plunged into Constantine’s world of occult horrors. Furthermore, Corrigan is someone who is obsessed with justice, and who doesn’t let police procedure or red tape stop him from putting away the bad guys, even if the bad guys turn out to be inhuman.” No details on whether or not Corrigan will become The Spectre, but it’s arguably inevitable that it’ll happen eventually.

As previously stated, Constantine marks Corrigan/Spectre’s live action debut. Director Guillermo del Toro recently expressed interest in including the character in his developing Justice League Dark film, while Fox was developing a The Spectre series before shelving the project. After appearing in Constantine, could The Spectre headline a spin-off show? Of course, that’ll depend on how well received Scanlan’s Corrigan is.

Stay tuned for more news as we have it. Constantine premieres on NBC October 24th.

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