CONSTANTINE: NBC Offers Up Look at the Pilot

With the
premiere of Constantine on NBC just
over three weeks away the network has launched a “First Look” on the
official website: 

The series is
centered on John Constantine, the character first appeared in Alan Moore’s
Swamp Thing but later got a solo title.  Hellblazer ran for three hundred issues
from 1988 to 2013 and was beloved by readers. 
The character was a con man who dabbled in magic and investigated magic
and will be played by Matt Ryan (Layer
Cake, Assassin’s Creed IV.
) David S Goyer, the screenwriter of the Dark
Knight Trilogy and Man of Steel,
will act as Executive Producer alongside Daniel Cerone (Charmed, Dexter) the two also wrote the pilot.
The series
has been controversial from the start, first for Goyer’s involvement then later
for the choice of NBC.  Constantine not
being able to smoke and his bisexuality have also been points of contention for
fans.  However, the show has picked up
some positive reaction to the pilot in recent weeks. 
Goyer has
hinted that the first season will be based upon Alan Moore’s “American
Gothic” storyline and even teased an adaption of the “Dangerous
Habits” storyline.  In addition to
longtime Hellblazer characters like
Zed Martin and Papa Midnite, Emmett Scanlan (Guardians of the Galaxy) was cast as Jim Corrigan/The Spectre.
(Reported Here)
All this
makes Constantine feel like a wild
card, which is rather fitting for the character.
Constantine premieres October 24 on NBC.

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