FLASH and ARROW Add Two New Actors to Cast

Both the Flash and
Arrow made casting announcements
Variety reported earlier that Arrow has added Vinnie Jones as Danny Brickwell.  Jones is a former professional soccer player; he began his acting career with
a role in Lock, Stock and Two Smoking
.  He’s gone on to have dozens
of roles in films and on television shows such as Psych and The Cape.  (imdb)
Created by Judd Winick and Phil Hester, Danny Brickwell is
better known as “Brick.”  He’s
a mafia member known for his invulnerable, red brick-like and strength.  Despite his abilities, Brick rose in the mafia
mostly because of his keen intellect.  On
Arrow, he is described as a
“ruthless gang leader” that brings the Starling City “to its
knees.”  He is scheduled to appear
in episodes ten, eleven and twelve of Season 3.
Additionally, Deadline is reporting that Roger Howarth has
been cast in The Flash.  Howarth is an alumnus of several long running
soap operas; General Hospital and As the World Turns are notable among
them.   His father was a playwright he
acted quite often on stage as a boy. (imdb)
He will play “Mason Bridge,” an award-winning
journalist from Central City.  He will
take Iris under his wing as a mentor but things will become tense when he
investigates Harrison Wells.  It is
unknown if he is playing a character from DC Comics at this time.
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The Flash airs on
the CW Tuesdays at 8. Arrow airs on
Wednesdays also on the CW.
Both shows are available on streaming services as well.
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