New Details For JUSTICE LEAGUE PART ONE And PART TWO For The Villains And Green Lantern’s Role

Today was a monumental day for DC’s cinematic future, as Warner Bros. finally laid out its plans for its superhero properties through 2020. Among the surprises was Ezra Miller playing The Flash, who will go on to star in his own movie; solo films for Cyborg, Green Lantern and Wonder Woman; and Shazam not releasing until 2019. However, arguably the biggest one is the move to split Justice League into two parts. The first installment will bow in 2017, while the second will release in 2019. Zack Snyder is attached to direct both parts. And now, we have new plot details for the two movies, revealing the villain of Part Two and how Green Lantern fits in.

[Warning: the following contains some potential SPOILERS regarding Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice and Justice League Part One. If you do not wish to be spoiled, then stop reading.]
So, according to Badass Digest, the ending of Batman v Superman will indeed see an assembled Justice League as they prepare to combat a major threat. The site reaffirms previous rumors claiming that Brainiac will be the villain of Justice League Part One, and the Kryptonian beacon Superman sets off in Man of Steel will be what brings him to Earth. The initial League lineup will consist of Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, Flash, Cyborg and Aquaman. Unsurprisingly, Brainiac is defeated. At the end of Part One, Green Lantern appears to warn the team of an even bigger threat coming to Earth, leading directly into Part Two.
Yes, as previously reported, it looks like we can expect Darkseid to antagonize our heroes in the second Justice League movie. Badass Digest then rehashes prior rumors – the World Engine’s assault on Atlantis will bring out Aquaman, and General Zod’s corpse will play a “big role” in Dawn of Justice. Exciting stuff. Be sure to stay tuned for even more news as we have it.

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