The GOTHAM/ARROW “Crossover” Explained

Viewers of the second episode of Gotham got a bit of a surprise. 
The “Queen Consolidated” logo from Arrow was seen in neon on the side of a building.  It came as a shock as the two shows air on
competing networks, to further fuel speculation the villain of the episode was
the Dollmaker.  Dollmaker had also
appeared in two episodes of Arrow.  

Was it possible that the CW-Universe was actually spreading
across networks?

Is the present of Gotham
the past of Arrow and Flash?

As it happens, two of the most surprised people were Arrow show-runner Marc Guggenheim and
his Gotham counterpart, Danny
Cannon.  While the observant viewers that
caught this Easter egg were left to speculate, Cannon and Guggenheim set about
solving the mystery.   
What they found was
a little more mundane than an under-the-radar nod that Gotham was part of the CW-verse, “it was completely unintentional,”
According to Cannon.  He then explained,
“Somebody spotted it in the cutting room, but we move so fast, we were like,
‘that’s cool, leave it in! don’t talk about it!’ We were stealing – the visual
effects guys were stealing neon letters from other places, and that was one
that worked. But it was unintentional.”

While an occasional visual nod or tip of the cap might be
fine, Guggenheim was quick to lock down any notions of anything more in this
case.  The Dollmaker from Arrow was not the same villain.

However, when asked if he was open to a crossover,
Guggenheim sang a different tune. 
“I would love to see that.” 
He even jokingly dubbed such a thing as “Crisis On Infinite Networks.”  But while he’s excited by the idea of all the
DC television series connecting, Guggenheim still likes the freedom of separate
continuities.  Danny Cannon shared a
similar sentiment but said that a crossover probably wouldn’t happen.

With that mystery solved, what’s your opinion?  Are you happy with the occasional wink or do
you want more?  Let us know, HERE.

Source- Mtv News
Gotham airs
Mondays on Fox.

Arrow airs
Wednesdays on the CW.

Both shows are available for streaming.

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