“Bizarro World” And “Heroines & Villainesses” DLC Packs For LEGO BATMAN 3: BEYOND GOTHAM Unveiled

When LEGO Batman 3: Beyond Gotham was released earlier this month, three DLC packs were included. One was a Batman 75-centric pack, while the other two were based on Man of Steel and The Dark Knight Trilogy. A fourth one, which focuses on Arrow, will be released soon. And now, via IGN, two more DLC packs have been revealed, with both slated to be available early next year.

First up is “Bizarro World,” which will be the fourth DLC pack to be released as a part of the game’s six-part Season Pass. This pack sees the formation of the Bizarro League as Bizarro’s home planet must be saved. The full lineup is unconfirmed, but the DLC pack will feature Wonder Woman’s clone, Bizarra, as well as Bizarro himself. Coincidentally (?), early next year also sees the direct-to-video release of the animated movie LEGO DC Comics Superheroes: Justice League vs. Bizarro League, which follows the two titular Leagues as they join forces to battle Darkseid.

The other new DLC pack, which is free to download, will focus on the many female characters of the DC Universe. Titled “Heroines & Villainesses,” this pack will feature fan-favorite characters Raven and Starfire. You can check out images of those two heroines below. Other characters will likely be revealed sooner than later, so stay tuned for more as we have it. LEGO Batman 3: Beyond Gotham is in stores now.

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