Tyrese Gibson Explains His “Campaign” to Play Green Lantern John Stewart

While we wait for Warner Bros. to announce who is playing Green Lantern in the DC Cinematic Universe, one actor who has been wanting to fill the role is Tyrese Gibson. The actor-musician began to campaign for the role of John Stewart a couple months ago on social media, where he would post fan-made images of himself in the suit along with the Green Lantern oath. Now, Gibson has finally revealed the backstory of his “campaign” to play Green Lantern.

Speaking with Vixen Varsity, Gibson said that all this began because fans on Instagram sent him Green Lantern fan manips, and he decided to share them. “Well, first thing I will say, is that it was two fans online that sent me direct messages on Instagram, with me as Green Lantern. They started it. And it’s nothing like a comic book fan getting excited about someone that they can see playing one of their favorite comic book heroes. As far as I’m concerned, I’m innocent. I was at home, relaxing, eating a bowl of cereal, and then I started getting direct messages with me as Green Lantern. So naturally, because I liked it, I put it up on my timeline, and then that’s when everything started.” 

Gibson acknowledged that his campaign was covered on a lot of websites, and he “just ran with it and had fun with the fans.” After mentioning that the movies he has been in have altogether grossed nearly $5B at the box office – he was in the Transformers trilogy and is currently a character in the Fast & Furious series – Gibson says, “I think I could strap up, put on a Green Lantern suit, take the oath, and put the ring on and do my dizzle. So, I said ‘[bleep] it, let’s rock’.” 

One particular Instagram post Gibson made showed him on the Warner Bros. lot, teasing a meeting with the studio. When asked about that, the actor says, “I went to the Warner Brothers lot, I did go up there to have a meeting. I won’t tell anything, not gonna speak about what the outcome of the meeting was, but I went to have a meeting, a little something.” We’ll just have to wait and see if Gibson’s wish to play Green Lantern will come true.

The new Green Lantern movie is scheduled to hit theaters on June 19th, 2020. Before that, the character is expected to debut in 2017’s Justice League Part One and 2019’s Justice League Part Two.

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