CONSTANTINE Star Matt Ryan On Possibly Reprising Role For The Big Screen

As we’ve seen in “Feast of Friends” John
Constantine isn’t much of a team player, not so for Matt Ryan.  IGN spoke with the actor about his experience
as Constantine thus far.  He touched on a number of things but had some
words about the possibility of being a part of a Justice League Dark film.
With team-up properties popping up all over television and
film, it’s not surprising that Ryan is open to joining with others saying;
What’s so great is that there’s so
many great storylines and the Justice League Dark stuff as well. How fantastic
would that be if we could do something like that? Obviously those things are
out of my hands, so we’ll see.
Ryan might be in for a wait; Guillermo del Toro has long
been attached to a Justice League Dark film and he’s now working on the
sequel to Pacific Rim.  The movie is also not currently part of the
DCCU slate; though that might not mean anything should DC/WB see an opportunity
come up.  There is also the possibility
that the film is not part of the DCCU proper and more in line with the Shazam! and Sandman films Warner is working on.
Also, considering the Helmet of Nabu has already appeared on
the show, Jim Corrigan (better known as The Spectre) is expected to appear and Executive
Producer David Goyer has hinted that Swamp Thing could show up if they can do
him justice it’s highly likely that we could see the team come together on Constantine much like the producers of Arrow and The Flash have said they are forming a Justice League in the
CW-verse. (Different article on comicbook.com)
Either way, Matt Ryan has a while to go before he shares a
screen with DC’s finest magic users which means, so do we.
Are you hoping for a live-action Justice League Dark? Let us
know, HERE
-Source comicbook.com
Constantine airs
on NBC Fridays at 10E and is available streaming.

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