DC Movie Bits: Chris Nolan Responds To Marvel “Jab” Controversy, Dwayne Johnson Teases Black Adam, More From Hans Zimmer On BATMAN V SUPERMAN

Yesterday, a feature on Christopher Nolan included a quote apparently stated by the director regarding post-credits scenes set the internet on fire. Nolan supposedly said that a “real movie” would not use such a device, which has been popularized by Marvel Studios’ films. This explains why Man of Steel did not include an after-credits scene. Of course, this fanned the flames of the DC vs. Marvel war among fans, with many foolishly taking it personal. However, it turns out Nolan was simply misquoted.

ScreenCrush has contacted Nolan’s reps and received an answer from the big man himself. “I would never say someone’s else’s film isn’t ‘a real film’. The quote is inaccurate.” The site has also received clarification from The Guardian, who ran the initial piece. Basically, Nolan meant that he and director Zack Snyder had to “stay true” to Man of Steel‘s tone, rather than take unnecessary influence from other films. “Subsequent to publication, Nolan disputed the quote attributed to him by Snyder. According to Nolan, he had told Snyder, ‘We shouldn’t be chasing other movies, but stay true to the tone of Man of Steel.'” So, there’s that.

With the Shazam movie finally set for release on April 5th, 2019, little is known about the Big Red Cheese’s big screen debut. Dwayne Johnson is set to antihero Black Adam, while screenwriter Darren Lemke is tackling the Warner Bros./New Line Cinema production. Now, while not revealing too much, Johnson has shared a little tease for the movie on Twitter, responding to a concern that DC movies won’t be particularly “fun.” “I guaran-damn-tee we’re gonna have bad ass fun w/ Black Adam. (Its a NL/DC property). #Independence See u at the junket homie.” 

His use of the ‘independence’ hashtag, as well as pointing out that it’s a New Line film, is intriguing. Maybe he’s suggesting that Shazam is functioning separately from the DC Cinematic Universe, as previously speculated? Of course, that’s hard to believe, as you would imagine WB would have all of its DC movies existing in the same world. Shazam is also apparently the only DC movie being developed by New Line, even though the wording in Warner’s press release suggests that the two studios are working on all the DC movies. We’ll see.

Finally, we have more words from acclaimed composer Hans Zimmer regarding his work on Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. Speaking with MTV, Zimmer rehashes past comments on not wanting to ruin the work he did with Batman on The Dark Knight Trilogy, leading to the recruitment of collaborator Junkie XL to tackle the Caped Crusader’s side of the score. However, Zimmer will still offer consultation on the Batman theme in the movie.

It’s then pointed out that there will be plenty of other superheroes in Batman v Superman, with Wonder Woman, Cyborg, Aquaman and possibly The Flash set to appear. When asked about writing the score for all these figures Zimmer says, “There is a lot to compose. You’re scaring me right now. Righteously so, I’m just starting to think about it. There comes an enormous responsibility because they’re all iconic figures, and they’re beloved. And so you just want to be very careful that you serve them with respect.” It will surely be exciting to see what Zimmer and Junkie XL come up with. Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice is set to hit theaters March 25th, 2016.

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