Why Didn’t MAN OF STEEL Have A Post-Credits Scene? Christopher Nolan Weighs In

Since the release of Iron Man in 2008, Marvel Studios has become known for sticking an additional scene or two after the credits of each movie. It has become such a popular trend, other film studios have incorporated the aspect to its comic book movies. Sony added a post-credits scene for The Amazing Spider-Man (but used an X-Men: Days of Future Past preview for the second installment), while Fox has utilized it for its X-Men franchise. Naturally, this would lead to speculation as to whether or not Warner Bros. would use it for its DC Cinematic Universe. Man of Steel did not feature an after-credits scene, and now, producer Christopher Nolan reveals why.

During a feature from The Guardian on the Interstellar director, Nolan’s recruitment of Zack Snyder to direct Man of Steel, for which he received story credit alongside screenwriter David S. Goyer. Unsurprisingly, the studio asked Nolan if Snyder could add a “comedy coda” ending to the Superman reboot, and his answer was rather blunt. “A real movie wouldn’t do that.” While it may not be his intention, Nolan’s comment is sure to rile up fanboys as the reprehensible “DC vs. Marvel” war continues.

What Nolan likely means is that he thinks a “real” movie has the traditional beginning, middle and ending acts, and an additional scene after the end of the film is unnecessary. Looking at the director’s filmography, it’s safe to assume that he prefers to direct original standalone movies rather than sequels. And usually, a post-credits scene is designed to set up the next film in the series.

Nolan has less involvement with future DC movies, as he is only attached to Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice as an executive producer. So, perhaps Warner Bros. will add after-credits scenes to at least some of those films. We’ll see. Stay tuned for more news as we have it.

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