FLASH Races into Sweeps with New Poster

Welcome to November Sweeps, over the next few weeks the
networks will fight harder than ever viewers. 
With the Flash pulling in some of the best ratings in the history of the
network, the CW has cranked up the hype with this new poster:
The image of Barry Allen racing past Central City shows
signs of Speed Force lightning coming from him. The lightning bolts on his cowl
and the logo on his chest seem to be lighting up as well, perhaps suggesting
that Barry is either learning more about his powers or even becoming more
The Particle Accelerator explosion looms menacingly on the
horizon and casts an orange glow over the city, showing clearly that the
fallout of the explosion is not over.  At
the same time, it is reminiscent of the sun which implies that good things
could still come from the night.
Lastly, the tagline “He Searched For the Impossible,
Then He Became It
” which all the way back to Barry’s first appearance last
season on Arrow.
All in all, it’s a great image that hints at what’s to come
in season one of The Flash.  What’s just as important is the show in
confidence from the CW.  Flash is pulling in over three million
viewers a week since the record breaking premier and it is clear that the CW is
completely behind the show.
Like the poster? Can’t wait to see what’s next for the
Fastest Man Alive? Am I reading too much into this poster? Let us know, HERE
-Source spoilertv.com
The Flash airs on
the CW Tuesdays at 8E and is available on streaming services.

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