GOTHAM Looks to Add Scarecrow (Spoilers)

Gotham Season One
is in full swing and while it’s focused primarily on Jim Gordon and Oswald
Cobblepot we can soon expect the arrival of Scarecrow.
Series Executive Producer, Danny Cannon spoke at Stan Lee’s
Comikaze over the weekend.  While there
he announced the introduction of Jonathan Crane.  Cannon stated that on the series Crane will
be closer in age to Bruce and Selina. 
Another change to Scarecrow will be that Jonathan is not the first to take
the moniker.  His father will torment
Gotham as Scarecrow first and likely tangles with Detective Jim Gordon.
Comic fans know Crane as a psychiatrist who is obsessed with
the nature of fear.  While working at Arkham
he perfects a gas that causes hallucinations in his victims causing them to see
their worst fears.  His mask not only causes
terror in his victims but protects him from his Fear Toxin; however after
repeated exposures to his gas he is no longer capable of fear except when
confronted by Batman.
Scarecrow was created by Bob Kane and Bill Finger and
introduced in the pages of World’s
Finest Comics
#3 in the fall of 1941 and had been a popular character for
decades.  He made several appearances in
several animated series such as; Challenge
of the Super-Friends
and Batman: The
Animated Series
.  He appeared in the
Christopher Nolan Trilogy played by Cillian Murphy and he is presumed to be a
main villain in Batman: Arkham Knight
next June.
Cannon did not say when Scarecrow would appear in Gotham.
So, does the pending arrival of the Master of Fear fill you
with dread?
Let us know, HERE
Gotham airs
Mondays on Fox and is available for streaming.
Source- Comicbook.com

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