Is it January yet? No? Then we’re still in the midst of a
long mid-season break for all of our DC Shows so we need something to pass the
time. How about some Gotham and Arrow spoilers? TVLine gave out some
tidbits today and we at Watchtower of Babel have gathered them up just for you:
First up, some Arrow spoilers.
By now you may have heard that when the show returns from their break it will
be a three episode arc for Laurel becoming Black Canary; Marc Guggenheim had
some spoilers for the first episode, “Canaries.”  Caity Lotz (Sarah Lance) and Peter Stormare (Werner
Zytle / Count Vertigo) will both be reprising their roles in the episode.  He describes the episode as a purposeful callback
to the season premiere and goes on to explain that: “It’s an episode where a lot of things that we’ve been doing and setting
up during the season really sort of come together.
While Guggenheim does not describe the episode as a climax
he says it does have “a feeling of a
big payoff by the end of it.
Guggenheim was also asked about the possibility of a return
of the Suicide Squad, specifically Michael Rowe’s Deadshot, but he declined to
As for Gotham,
you might recall that Bruno Heller teased the possible appearance of Dick
Grayson’s parents (HERE) it seems that a casting call for episode
sixteen is looking for an actor and actress to play “John Grayson”
and “Mary Lloyd” the characters are described as “teenage circus
Gotham is also casting the villain for episode seventeen.  It seems Gotham will be introducing a second
Dollmaker.  “Dr. Dulmacher” is
described as a “mad European scientist.” Also appearing in episode
seventeen is a character named “Reggie Payne.” He is “an old army buddy of Alfred’s who has gone a
bit to seed.
There you have it, some spoilers to tide you over.  Keep strong and tweet us HERE, we’ll get
through this together.
Source- TVLine
Gotham airs
Mondays on Fox.
Arrow airs
Wednesdays on the CW.

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