CONSTANTINE Will Return With New Time Slot

The producers of Constantine
took to twitter last night to update fans on the show’s return from the
mid-season break. They presented it as a good news/bad news situation.  The “bad news” is that the show
will return on January 16th, 2015, while the “good news”
is that they will move into the 8 o’clock Eastern (7 Central) time slot.
There is no doubt that Constantine
has had a tougher row to hoe than some of his DC-television counterparts.  Just airing on NBC has required the show to
pick up more viewers faster than The
for example. Also, Grimm
(which leads in to Constantine) is having trouble finding its footing on a new night.  However, most people are in agreement that the 10E/9C timeslot has been Constantine’s biggest stumbling
Some might be worried about even a small move as often
networks start moving shows around right before canceling them.  They will point to NBC declining to pick up
the back half of season 1 and the move as proof.  However, there are positive signs from NBC as
well: First and foremost, moving the show to eight o’clock, to lead off their
Friday nights instead of letting it sit in a terrible time.  Second, NBC has been airing encore
presentations on the Syfy network for a while now. 
Lastly, in addition to the #SaveConstantine campaign on
social media gaining steam, the ratings have been on an upswing.  Last week’s mid-season finale saw a twenty-five
percent jump in adult viewers 18-49 and a four percent jump in viewers overall.  (comicbook.com)
There could be negatives in the move as well, namely content
restrictions in the eight o’clock time are stronger than for the ten o’clock
hour.  But when factoring evidence this
does look like a good sign for John Constantine’s continued battle to save us
from the Rising Darkness.
Are you happy with the move? Let us know HERE
Source- Twitter
Constantine returns
to NBC Friday January 16th at 8E and is available streaming.

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