One of the popular complaints from the fan community is a
consistently that there are very few “jump-in” points for kids.  Whether Movies, Video Games, Television shows
or the Comics themselves there often seems to be very few things you could hand
to a six or seven year old without at least thinking about it first.  Ladies and Gentlemen of the DC fan-community,
Lego’s got you covered.
The Lego Batman video game franchise has been an undeniable
success for quite a while now and Batman was such a strong presence in last
year’s Lego Movie that he’s got his
own spin-off movie coming to theaters in 2017. However, there’s no need to wait
until then.  LEGO DC Comics Super Heroes: Justice League vs Bizzaro League comes
to home video February Tenth.
The film will get a World Premiere January 24th
at the Paley Center for Media in New York and to hype us up for the premiere
they’ve released a clip:
The movie features fantastic voice talent and a lot of DC
Animated Alumni.  Diedrich Baker, who played Batman in Batman: The Brave and the Bold, plays both
Guy Gardner and Greenzarro.
Troy Baker voices Batman and Batzarro; however, most DC fans are coming to
know his work as the Joker in Batman:
Arkham Origins
and Assault on Arkham.
And Nolan North (when not voicing absolutely everything ever in video games)
has played the Penguin in the Arkham games and Connor Kent in Young Justice before voicing both
Superman and Bizarro in this movie.
Judging by the clip, this movie should be a lot of fun and a
good way to introduce children to the wider DC Universe.
So, are you excited for another Lego adventure in the DC
Universe? Let us know, HERE
 LEGO DC Comics Super
Heroes: Justice League vs Bizzaro League
comes to home video February Tenth

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