How A Kenobi Movie Will Help Restore The Faith In Star Wars

Disney’s Star Wars films by no means are in trouble. But, they could definitely benefit from the hype and praise that an Obi-Wan Kenobi solo movie set after Revenge of the Sith would provide. Firstly, this is what fans want. Which quite frankly is crazy due to how sick people are of the prequels….Any prequels honestly. But due to how different of a genre this movie could be, the hype makes sense, which would propel this movie. The biggest question: Can Disney make a movie that’s not over 200 million?

Lastly, this writer is a fan of The Last Jedi. I appreciated the risks that Johnson took with the movie. It was something different. And so far, Disney’s biggest misstep with the Star Wars franchise was taking Lord and Miller off of Solo. Seeing Lord and Miller in the Star Wars sandbox is what made a lot of fans excited, and when that was taken away, left a lot of fans with a sour taste in their mouths.

Let’s take a look at why a Kenobi movie makes so much sense to help Disney regain some goodwill with fans.

It’s An Intimate Tale

Logan was a huge success for Fox for a plethora of reasons, but mainly, because it was about one of the greatest heroes ever at their lowest point, and doing everything they could to keep fighting the good fight. This story would look at the isolation that Obi-Wan faced when he took on the responsibility of protecting Luke Skywalker, and also, the temptation of when something good came into his life.
Showing his struggle, and yet, maintaining his word while living on a brutal planet would provide so much more depth to not only Obi-Wan, but Anakin as well. The scene where he called Anakin his brother is one of the most touching in the entire saga, and what better way to show it. This would also give so much more depth to A New Hope as it shows how much Obi-Wan struggled trying to protect Luke.

The Plot

The plot is rather simple:
     1) You show how lonely one of the greatest heroes in all of fiction really is
     2) You give Obi-Wan an opportunity, meeting a mother and her child, with him falling for the mother, and struggling between them and Luke
     3) Inquisitors arrive on the planet and they feel such a strong Force presence, and so, they start investigating. It comes down to Obi-Wan to stop them. The reluctant hero must risk being ousted to save the day.
Another opportunity is Obi trying to visit Luke, only to be rejected by his guardians.
So now, Obi must not only protect Luke, the town, but his newfound chance at happiness with a family he adores. Ben no more. He gears up in what seems to him a whole ‘nother lifetime as he tries to save everyone. As soon as Ben has thought he has won — a wanna be Sith Lord arrives to give Obi-Wan the second greatest battle he’s ever faced. During this time Ben also has to stop all communication so word cannot get out to the Empire.
General Obi-Wan Kenobi goes to battle. You could have some truly breathtaking action sequences as he tries to hide who he is, and save everyone. And of course, Obi wins, but it comes at a cost. He realizes that no matter how badly he wants a family, they’ll never be safe due to his job of protecting Luke. So they leave the planet. This leaves Ben’s heart broken. And so, he takes a stroll to look at Luke from a distance where he sees Luke practicing — a smile doesn’t come across his face — but a look of contentment knowing what he’s doing is the right thing.

Now, I could go way more into detail, but I’m not getting paid by Disney to write a treatment. This article was supposed to paint a picture of what the movie could be, or more accurately, why we need this movie so badly in the Star Wars mythology. This has a chance of being something special, and we the fans, need to let Disney know how much this movie would mean to us. This movie will bring heart back to the Star Wars franchise. Please leave any comments so we may discuss this article further. Thank you.