From Beat Cop to Mayor, 90s FLASH Alum Joins CW Cast

As a fan of the 90s CBS Flash
series one of my favorite running gags was Officer Tony Bellows and his
partner, Michael Murphy.  The pair spends
most of the series encounter Barry’s alter ego and debating whether or not they
saw what they saw.  It seems I was in
good company, as Vito D’Ambrosio will be reprising his role as Tony Bellows,
the Mayor of Central City.
D’Ambrosio follows the lead of John Wesley Shipp, Amanda
Pays and Mark Hamill.  Like Hamill and
Pays, he’s playing a character of the same name but in a new position.  He will be reunited with both Shipp and
Hamill in episode seventeen which centers on The Trickster.
Beyond his role on the 90s series, D’Ambrosio has worked
along actors like Paul Newman and Tom Cruise in The Color of Money.  He also
worked with Kevin Costner and Sean Connery in The Untouchables.  His upcoming appearance on The Flash will also mark his third
foray into the DC Universe as he had a guest role on Lois and Clark. (imdb)
Beyond his character’s name, little else was said about the
part he’ll play.  Nor was an air date for
episode seventeen announced though imdb has a tentative date of March 10th.  We will report new information about this and
other Flash story as it becomes
Source- K-Site TV

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