The GOTHAM That Never Was

As the second half of Gotham’s
first season gets underway this week reports have come to light of a competing
series that was in development at the same time Bruno Heller was developing his
Writer Henry Locke IV recently posted the treatment for his
proposed series on Voices From Krypton
While this series would have shared the title and setting, what Locke
proposed was rather different to the series we see on Fox.
Instead of focusing on Gotham’s slide into corruption
through the eyes of a young James Gordon and Bruce Wayne’s struggle following
the murder of his parents, Locke’s Gotham
would have focused on a city that is already Batman’s city.  It would focus on ordinary people caught in
the crossfire between the Dark Knight and his Rogue’s Gallery.
The main character was college student, Olivia Sage.  Sage returns to Gotham City after the brutal
murder of her sister, Amber.  She
eventually teams up with father, a veteran GCPD Officer named Nicolas and the
two investigate a powerful new drug called “Joker’s Venom.”
Like Heller’s series, Locke’s Gotham would have featured Carmine Falcone.  His show would’ve have also had prominent
roles for popular Batman villains like Harley Quinn, Riddler and Black
Mask.   Renee Montoya would have been in
this series as a up and coming SWAT Officer and Nicolas Sage’s protégé.
Another pair of characters from the treatment are new to the
comic, Harper Row and her brother, Cullen were introduced during Scott Snyder
and Greg Capullo’s stellar run on Batman.  The pair live in the Narrows in a broken
home, Harper is a self-taught computer and electronics expert. She and Cullen
are confronted one night by some thugs that have been hounding Cullen because
of his sexuality and are protected by Batman, causing Harper to become inspired
to help his Crusade.
Locke had stated that his goal with the series would’ve been
bringing the live-action universes more in line with the comics and each
other.  His original plan had been a
self-funded series on youtube, but friends urged him to develop the series for
Warner Television.  He partnered up with
an experienced producer who was previously a show-runner on Lois and Clark.
Unfortunately for Locke, before he could pitch his series
Warner TV and Fox committed to Heller’s version of Gotham so we’ll never know if Locke’s series would have impressed
DC Entertainment or made it to air.
Follow the link to see Locke’s treatment at Voices From Krypton for yourself.
What are your thoughts? Would this have been a Gotham you could get behind? Let us
know, HERE
Gotham airs
Mondays on Fox and is available for streaming.
Source- Comicbook.com

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