Tyrese Gibson Campaigning To Play GREEN LANTERN John Stewart

After 2011’s Green Lantern bombed critically and commercially, the Emerald Knight’s cinematic future was left uncertain for years. Thankfully, however, Warner Bros. announced last year that a new Green Lantern film will be released June 19th, 2020, the last movie named in the studio’s DC Cinematic Universe lineup. However, other details have yet to be confirmed. Green Lantern is expected to feature in 2017’s Justice League Part One and/or 2019’s Justice League Part Two, but whether it is Hal Jordan, John Stewart or another character is unknown. Now, one actor has thrown his hat into the ring to play John Stewart.

Transformers and Fast & Furious actor Tyrese Gibson has taken to his Facebook and Instagram accounts to campaign for the role of Green Lantern. He began to send the Internet into a frenzy by posting the above fan-art with the caption, “Rumor has it that.” He continues to post various pieces of fan-art of himself as John Stewart, captioning them with the Green Lantern oath among other comments. He even calls out Idris Elba – the current fan-favorite choice to play Stewart – telling him to “fall back……. I got this…. I’m not here to [bleep] around…..” Gibson adds, “Potentially doing this#GreenLantern role isn’t an opportunity, it’s more like a ‘responsibility’…. Prayers and love will get us there……” Finally, the actor/musician says, “I am fully committed to suiting up for this adventure.” 

While it’s pleasant to see Gibson so enthusiastic about his desire to play Green Lantern, it’s not often that an actor’s campaigning for a role actually comes to pass. The biggest exception would be Gibson’s Fast & Furious co-star Vin Diesel, who shared his desire to play a Marvel character before being cast as Groot in Guardians of the Galaxy. I personally still think that the Justice League movie(s) will introduce Hal Jordan rather than John Stewart, due to the fact that he’s the Lantern most frequently seen in the comics, video games and animated movies. Also, the films look to be using the New 52 Justice League lineup, which includes Hal. Still, stranger things have happened, and if they do make John Stewart a founding member of the JLA, there are certainly worse choices than Tyrese Gibson. Stay tuned for more as we have it.

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