WONDER WOMAN ’77 Set to Launch (and Team with BATMAN ’66?)

One of the areas DC Comics has excelled at the most in the
last few years has been digital first comics. 
Most notably have been series continuing the adventures of Smallville, The Flash Season Zero and Injustice: Gods Among Us. However one
of the most popular has been the continuing adventures of the Dynamic Duo in Batman ’66. In the spirit of that title
comes Wonder Woman ’77, written by
Marc Andreyko and art by a rotating cast. 
The series launches this January and Newsarama released an
interview to help get readers excited for the launch as well as tease what’s to
come. Andreyko is best known for his recent run on Batwoman but he expressed a lot of love for the 70s television
series.  When asked why he felt the show
has endured in the public’s eye for so long he summed it up in two words:
Lynda Carter.
What was great about Lynda’s performance and why it’s such an iconic
performance of an iconic character is, people don’t remember that, in the ’70s,
there wasn’t a lot of superhero stuff in the media.
”  He then said, “Wonder Woman was the first show that really paid respect to the tone of
the character and did it seriously, but with a sense of fun. It wasn’t dark. It
wasn’t pretentious.
Newsarama then asked if the tone would be similar to Batman ’66.  Andreyko assured them the new series was definitely
inspired by the work that Jeff Parker and company have done on the continuation
of the Adam West series.   He went to
imply that he came to DC Digital’s attention for the project after a lunch with
Hank Kanalz where he asked directly when they would give a series based on the
Lynda Carter Wonder Woman ago.
The book will be set during 1977 with the first arc taking place
at a New York Disco called “Studio 52.” He also said that Jeff Parker
has already expressed interest in work with him for a Batman ’66 crossover.  When
Newsarama asked if there was a possibility of a crossover with the Christopher
Reeve Superman, Andreyko teased:
 “Well, they’re only a year apart.
Speaking as someone with quite a lot of nostalgic love for
the Lynda Carter Wonder Woman, this
series has the potential to be a lot of fun, and if they crossover with Batman ’66 then so much the better. (It could also be oddly fitting teaming up Adam West’s Batman with the junior Wonder Woman and Superman in light of the upcoming Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice plot.)
Are you ready for Wonder Woman? Or is the whole world
waiting for you? Let us know, HERE
Wonder Woman ’77
will launch on readdcentertainment.com this month. The original Lynda Carter Wonder Woman is available on Home Video.
Source- Newsarama

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