FEATURE: Five Actors Who Should Be Considered To Play Green Lantern Hal Jordan In The DC Cinematic Universe

As one of DC’s most iconic characters, Green Lantern is expected to debut in the DC Cinematic Universe in Warner Bros.’ Justice League, if not sooner. Of course, there has been much debate on which Lantern to use. Despite the Green Lantern movie’s failure, should WB bring back original League member Hal Jordan? Or should the studio enlist John Stewart, a well-known Lantern who can bring some much-needed diversity to the League? Below, I’ve compiled a list of five actors who should be considered to play the former on the big screen.

#5 – Ryan Reynolds

Reynolds played Hal Jordan in 2011’s Green Lantern movie, which was far from a success. While the film had plenty of problems, Reynolds was hardly one of them. He may have had a messy script and an unenthusiastic director to work with, but the actor still delivered a solid performance. He brought the level of arrogance and perseverance required for Hal Jordan, and given some tweaks here and there, he can perfectly embody the character on screen. While Green Lantern was a failure, I still think Reynolds should be given another shot at the role, this time with proper material to work with.

#4 – Emile Hirsch

Hirsch is an underrated actor who has yet to become a household name. He was great as Speed Racer in Warner Bros.’ under-appreciated adaptation, and he was the highlight in the mediocre alien  invasion thriller The Darkest Hour. More recently, he has focused on smaller films such as Lone Survivor and Savages. However, he would be an ideal casting choice for Green Lantern. Hirsch can pull off cocky characters, and looks-wise, he’s spot-on as a younger Hal Jordan. While his last big budget movie failed, Hirsch could still headline another if given the chance.

#3 – Jake Gyllenhaal

Surprisingly, Gyllenhaal has yet to appear in a comic book movie. He was in contention to replace Tobey Maguire as Peter Parker in Spider-Man 2, while he was also up for the Dark Knight role in Batman Begins before Christian Bale was cast. More recently, he has also focused on lower budget films in order to hone his acting skills. Gyllenhaal is a fantastic actor, delivering strong performances in Source Code and even Prince of Persia. A superhero role should land on his resume at some point, and he can certainly pull off Green Lantern. He would add even more credibility to a big screen Justice League, holding his own alongside Henry Cavill’s Superman and Ben Affleck’s Batman.

#2 – Jensen Ackles

This is probably the most generic choice on this list, yes. But Ackles would still make a wonderful Hal Jordan. While his commitment to Supernatural has kept him away from superhero roles for several years, he has also been fancast for nearly every character – from Captain America and Batman to Red Hood (who Ackles voiced in Batman: Under the Red Hood) and, you’ve guessed it, Green Lantern. Ackles can pull off cocky yet charismatic flawlessly, and he’s made no secret of his interest in comic book mythology. Hopefully, Supernatural will conclude soon, and Ackles can pursue a meaty DC or Marvel role.

#1 – Zachary Levi

And now, for my top choice for Hal Jordan. Levi can perfectly portray lighthearted action heroes, from Chuck to Tangled. In fact, while the latter role was strictly voice work, I was heavily reminded of Jordan by Levi’s performance. The only thing that could keep this from happening is the fact that Levi is still contracted at Marvel. However, it’s hard to see him locked in for more than one movie, which would be Thor 3. Not to mention, his Fandral had a small role in The Dark World, and I don’t see it increasing in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. As a result, he can easily transfer over to Green Lantern – who would certainly a far bigger presence in the DC Universe – in the near future. And let’s hope he does, because he would nail this role.

Who do you wish to see play Green Lantern Hal Jordan in the DC Cinematic Universe?

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