MAN OF STEEL's Christina Wren Discusses Returning for BATMAN V SUPERMAN

New Jersey-born, Pittsburgh-raised actress Christina Wren is
an up and coming actress and writer who has done a lot of small projects.  Most people probably know from her role as
“Major Carrie Farris” in Man
of Steel
where she expressed what a lot of people were thinking about Henry
Cavill’s Kal-El “I think he’s kinda hot.”
Pittsburgh Magazine caught up with her to talk about her
career and reprising her role in Batman
v Superman: Dawn of Justice.
She explained that she was originally cast because of a
co-star in a micro-budget movie her husband directed and she wrote and starred
in called Saudade, Adam David
Thompson.  Thompson was working in a
casting office for a commercial and recommended her. The commercial caught the
attention of Zack Snyder and he brought her in to audition for Man of Steel.
She returned for Batman
v Superman
and filmed her part last August in Detroit.  She wasn’t able to go into detail about the
movie of course but described it as “Badass!” She then said, “The bits that I was on set for look
fantastic; everyone in it is fantastic. It’s exciting; it’s high-energy; it’s
high-action. They are addressing all of the things that they set up in Man of Steel.
They also discussed the similarity of her character’s name
with well-known Green Lantern character, Carol Ferris.  She described most of what she’s heard as
“Gossip” but explained: “My
character’s name is Carrie Farris; there’s a character named Carol Farris who’s
the Green Lantern’s girlfriend and turns into this superhero, Star Sapphire.
But I have no idea if that’s the plan; they’re not even slated to do a Green
Lantern film for several years.
In addition to her role as Major Farris, Wren has several
projects she’s working on with her production company “Two Kids With a
Camera” but she says that’s very excited to see the final form of the film
when it premieres next March.   So are
So, do you think that Christina Wren has a Power Ring in her
future? Let us know, HERE.
Batman V Superman:
Dawn of Justice
starring Henry Cavill and Ben Affleck premieres
March 25, 2016.

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