Doug Jones Cast as Deathbolt on ARROW

As we gear for the latest confrontation between Oliver Queen
and Deathstroke on tonight’s episode of Arrow, The CW has announced that they have cast Deathbolt for later on this season. 
Doug Jones takes on the role for episode nineteen of this season.  The episode is entitled “Broken
Doug Jones is a veteran actor best known for his collaborations
with Director Guillermo Del Toro.  He played
Abe Sapien in the Hellboy series and
as Fauno in Pan’s Labyrinth.  He also has a role in Del Toro’s upcoming
film, Crimson Peak.  He also played the Silver Surfer in Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer
alongside Laurence Fishburne doing the voice. (imdb)
Deathbolt was introduced in All-Star Squadron issue 21. 
Deathbolt was born Jake Simmons, wanted for murder he stole a plane to
escape the police but his plane was struck by lightning.  He was found by the Ultra-Humanite and given
the ability to generate and project electrical energy to help the Humanite
battle the Justice Society.
On Arrow, his power
is the ability to harness and weaponized plasma energy.  It is not known whether or not his powers emanated
from the STAR Labs Accelerator explosion or something else.  However, it is notable that his comic origin
could play well with Clyde Mardon’s origin in The Flash pilot.
“Broken Arrow” does not have an air date but with
likely air in April.
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Source- IGN
Arrow airs
Wednesdays on the CW 8E and is available streaming.

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