LUCIFER Pilot Picked Up by Fox; Len Wiseman to Direct

It has been rumored that Fox has been moving forward with a
pilot for Lucifer for a few weeks
now. According to The Hollywood Reporter those rumors have come to fruition.  Fox has offered a pilot pick up to the Tom
Kapinos (Californication) project.
If you looked at the Guide to Pilots that was included in
our previous report on Lucifer you
might remember that a “pilot order” is an order for the pilot to be
filmed for testing and review by the network. 
Lucifer will be one of six
dramas Fox has put in a pilot order for.
The series will center on Lucifer after he has grown tired
of ruling over Hell.  He renounces his
throne and settles in Los Angeles and amuses himself by helping the LAPD punish
criminals.  Kapinos will work with Warner
Brothers Television to write the script and act as Executive Producer.  THR also stated that Sleepy Hollow Executive Producer Len Wiseman will direct the pilot
and join the production staff.  Also joining
the project is Jerry Bruckheimer and his production company.  Representing Bruckheimer Television are
longtime producers Jonathan Littman and KrisitAnne Reed. 
THR indicated that Bruckheimer Television’s involvement in Lucifer is partially a result from
their own Vertigo related project, Global
, stalling out.  Lastly, THR
hinted that NBC is still weighing their options with Constantine and that TNT’s Titans
and Syfy’s Krypton series are still
in development.
As always, until the series has been ordered and put on the
schedule, anything or nothing could happen but this is a good sign for fans of
The question is; Are you a fan of the Prince of Darkness?
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Lucifer is in
Development by Warner Television and Fox

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