Zack Snyder Reveals First Look at Jason Momoa as AQUAMAN

Good Morning!  Are you
enjoying your coffee?  Was your bagel
tasty? Good. Good. Say, have you checked twitter this morning? No? Well, we
have a treat for you.  At about midnight
Eastern time, Director Zack Snyder sent out a tweet with the first official image of Jason
Momoa’s Aquaman in Batman v Superman:
Dawn of Justice.

Along with image was a possible hint at the film’s viral
campaign.  The hashtag:
#unitetheseven.  Speculation is already
rampant over whether or not “The Seven” refers to The Seven Seas or the Founding Seven of the Justice League.
On a hunch, I went to unitetheseven.com and found this: 

After speaking with people that know what to look for I question the site being official but, it’s safe to say the journey has begun.  

Watchtower of Babel will be keeping an eye on Zack Snyder’s twitter feed for his next internet
breaking image and we’ll let you know, HERE.
Are you ready to #unitetheseven?
Source- Twitter
Jason Momoa debuts as Aquaman in Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice on March 25, 2016.
Are you going to finish that?

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