LUCIFER Adds Two More to Cast

It seems the floodgates on Lucifer news have opened in the last few days.  Today, the producers have announced two more
series regulars.  Joining the cast are actor
D.B. Woodside and actress/comedienne Rachael Harris.
D.B. Woodside is a native of Jamaica, Queens in New York
City.  His first television role was in
1997 in the miniseries; Murder One:
Diary of a Serial Killer
his role continued on the series that
followed.  He followed that with several
roles in television films before playing “Robin Wood” in the final
season of Buffy: The Vampire Slayer.  He followed that role with a stint of 24 as “President Wayne Palmer.”
 More recently he appeared on an episode
of Castle and a role on the USA
series, Suits.  (imdb)
He will be playing “Amenadiel,” an Angel trying to
convince Lucifer to return to Hell.  In the
Vertigo book, Amenadiel was the leader of “The Thrones of Heaven” and
eventually became an enemy of Lucifer’s.
In addition to stand-up comedy, Rachael Harris has a very
long acting resume.  She’s appeared shows
as diverse as Star Trek: Voyager and
Curb Your Enthusiasm, done voice
work on Archer and Wreck-it Ralph and even appeared on
multiple episodes of Suits.  (She and Woodside are not credited on any of
the same episodes.)  Many will know her
from the original Hangover as Stu’s
abusive girlfriend, “Melissa.” 
Harris will be playing a therapist named Linda that advises Lucifer
after the two meet on a case. (imdb)
While the pair may not appear in the pilot, both were
announced as series regulars should Lucifer
get picked up.
As always, we will keep you up to date on Lucifer and any other DC project that
comes along.
Source- Deadline and Comicbook.com
Lucifer is in
Development at Warner Television and Fox.

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