FLASH SPOILER Review: Episode 1×20- “The Trap”

The Flash (1×20) – “The
Written by: Alison Schapker &
Brooke Eikmeier
Directed by: Steve Shill
We pick up where we left off, with Barry Caitlin and Cisco
in Wells’ “Time Vault” looking at the front page of the April 25,
2024 edition of the Central City Citizen. 
The trio gleans several pieces of the information from the paper; Barry
disappears while battling the Reverse Flash in “an explosion of
light,” at some point in the future he changes his costume in several ways
and the article is written by “Iris West-Allen.” 
While they try to digest the information they’ve just
learned and the implications, Gideon greets them.  After Barry asks her who Wells really is and
she doesn’t understand Barry tries to ask what Wells is planning and Gideon
says “To kill you.”  Unfortunately,
Cisco learns that Wells is on the way thanks to a tracker he placed in the wheel
chair and they’re out of time.  Gideon
tells them that Barry is the one to design Gideon and that she will not tell
Dr. Wells they were in the vault and Barry speeds them out shortly before Wells
Joe and Eddie meet at Jitters and Eddie ask for Joe’s
blessing to propose to Iris.  Joe refuses
him but before Eddie can find out why Barry calls and asks for them to meet
with him back at the house.  They tell
Joe and Eddie what they’ve learned and when Eddie scoffs at the idea of time
travel Barry says he’s done it before. 
Cisco then explains to Eddie about the night of Nora Allen’s murder but
Barry doesn’t mean that night.
He tells them about his experience with time travel a few
weeks earlier and guesses that Cisco’s nightmares about Wells are related to
that time line.  Joe asks how Cisco could
remember something that never happened and while Barry isn’t sure how he
remembers he thinks it’s more important that Cisco remembers.
Joe thinks back on a night a three weeks after the Particle
Accelerator explosion.  He is in Barry’s
hospital room when Iris comes in.  She
asks him to get some rest but he will not go home until Barry does.  Barry has a seizure and Joe calls for help,
the doctors arrive and have Joe and Iris leave. 
As they do, they hear the doctor ask how Barry can be seizing when he
doesn’t have a heart rhythm.  Outside,
Joe is met by Dr. Wells who offers to help Barry.
Back in the present, Barry has hit on the idea of accessing
Cisco’s memories of the confrontation. 
He wants to force Wells to confess to killing Nora Allen.  At STAR Labs, Caitlin and Cisco are building
a device to stimulate the brain and allow for “lucid dreaming” which
would allow them to access Cisco’s memories of the previous time line.  Wells arrives and asks about the device and
Caitlin says that she hopes to use it to help people traumatized by
meta-humans.  Wells likes the idea and
even offers some helpful tips to trigger lucid dreaming before he leaves.
At the Police Station, Barry is dropping off reports when
Captain Singh arrives asking for test results. 
As Barry promises to get on the tests, Singh receives a text from his
fiancé, Rob.  After reading the text and
Singh softens his attitude and then advises Barry never to get married before
he leaves.  Barry then runs into Iris and
she asks him if he can talk about something important.  Unfortunately, he doesn’t have time, then
Eddie arrives looking for Barry and takes him off.
Eddie shows Barry the ring and tells him about Joe denying
his blessing and asks Barry to talk to him and Barry agrees.  Caitlin and Cisco arrive and Barry follows
them up to his lab.
That night in Barry’s lab, they use the device on Cisco and
he walks them through the previous time line. 
As Barry is hit by the realization that he got his mother killed his
phone rings, Wells is looking for all of them. 
There’s an office fire and when he tells Barry the address, Joe
recognizes it as the building that Captain Singh’s fiancé works at.
At the office building, the fire department is already on
the scene as well as Captain Singh.  He
asks the fire captain what floor the fire is on and learns that is the floor
his fiancé works on.  The Flash races
into the building and finds that sprinklers are not working and Rob is amongst
the workers trapped.  He tells Wells he
doesn’t think he can get every one out in time, Wells hits on the idea of Barry
using his speed to create a vacuum and snuff out the flames.
It takes two tries but Barry succeeds and stops the fire and
watches as Singh and Rob are reunited before he leaves.  At STAR Labs, Barry is changing back into his
street clothes when Wells arrives and asks what went wrong.  Barry says he was scared he couldn’t save
them all but Wells says that there is nothing he doesn’t think Barry cannot do.
Back at Joe’s house Barry and Joe are discussing his plan to
get a confession from Wells.  He thinks
if he can recreate the conditions Wells confessed in last time it will work
again but Joe warns him that it is probably not that simple.  Joe then says that the whole reason they’re
in this situation now was because he trusted Wells to help Barry after the
At STAR Labs, the team has gathered in the bunker room while
Wells is attending a lecture.  Barry
explains the trap he intends to use on Wells and Cisco shows them that he’s redesigned
the force field so that instead of keeping Wells in if will keep him out
preventing him from getting to Cisco. 
They all get ready to set the trap and Joe asks Eddie to watch over Iris
since Wells has threatened her already.
After Eddie leaves, Barry pulls Joe aside to ask why he
didn’t give Eddie his blessing to marry Iris. 
Joe explains that he doesn’t want Iris to get married when he doesn’t
think she is conflicted with her feeling for Eddie and for Barry.  He knows if she marries Eddie then realizes
that she loves Barry she’ll be stuck in a bad marriage and she’s too honorable
to back out for that.
Iris asks Barry to meet her at his lab.  When he arrives she shows him her notes and
evidence and tells him she believes that everything that’s happened in the city
for the past year has been a result of the Explosion and that she thinks that
the people at STAR Labs knew it was going to happen.  She’s even connected the Burning Man to a
STAR Labs employee.  Barry tries to throw
her off by saying he doesn’t have powers but Iris is sure she’s right.  Barry promises to take a look at her evidence
before he leaves in an uncomfortable hurry. 
Iris then remembers to a night long after Barry was moved to
STAR Labs.  She’s sitting with the still
comatose Barry and trying to coax him back to the land of the living.  When she reaches out to hold his hand, she
receives a static shock.
Back at STAR Labs, Wells finds Caitlin and asks after Cisco.  She tells him that Cisco’s down in the
bunker.  He seems rattled for a moment
then goes off to “Talk” with Cisco, but out in the hallway he frowns
and removes his glasses tiredly.
Wells arrives in the Bunker without his glasses or the chair
and congratulates Cisco on figuring things out. 
The two have a very similar conversation to the previous timeline before
Cisco steps into the force field machine and activates it.  Wells then steps through the force field with
his hand raised as though intending to vibrate through his heart.  Joe then steps out from behind some equipment
with Barry, seeing Cisco in trouble he fires on Wells three times.  Barry manages to stop two bullets but not the
third due to the force field and Wells is struck in the heart, killing him
Barry is heartbroken, as while Wells confessed to some
things vaguely he did not confess to killing Nora Allen.  However, Wells dead body transforms into the
body of Hannibal Bates.  The real Wells
then talks to them over the PA, he’s far away from the Lab.  He tells them that despite wanting
desperately to killing Barry still he did grow to care for them but that it
will be a time of his choosing when they meet next.
Cisco’s tracking device goes off, Wells in the time vault
but when Barry arrives he find the Yellow Suit gone, Wells’ chair and the
evidence that Wells has been monitoring all of them just about everywhere, including
Iris and Eddie are across town on a walk, Eddie stops and
pulls his ring from his pocket but before he can propose to Iris.  The Reverse Flash arrives and looms over Iris
threateningly.  Before he can do anything
he sees Barry approaching in the distance, he races off with Eddie.  Barry arrives and uses his speed to hide his
face from Iris.  He tells her to go home
and stay there and starts to leave, as he does Iris tries to stop him but feels
the same static shock she remembered feeling with Barry in STAR Labs.  After he’s gone, all she says is
In some sort of semi-abandoned building the Reverse Flash
deposits Eddie on the floor.  He reveals
himself to Eddie as Wells then tells Eddie his name, “Eobard Thawne”
and that they’re family.  Eddie is
skeptical but Eobard tells him he’s from the future and Eddie asks if this has
all been about him.  Eobard says that
Eddie has only been insurance.
Eobard thinks back to when Barry was still in a coma.  He could have killed Barry then but he still
needed him.  He tells the comatose man
that he’s watched Barry grow up and seen nothing of the person Eobard knew but
he had learned all of Barry’s weak points and that one day, he would have his
revenge and then he would kill Barry.
Interesting episode this week as on one level, very little
“happened” yet on another level this episode was incredibly dense
with plot and character development.  Tom
Cavanagh continues to shine as Wells/Thawne, even getting a chance to twirl his
mustache a bit.  Jesse L Martin and Grant
Gustin get to do a lot here too. 
The table is almost set, everyone knows where the major
players stand now and it is just a matter of seeing how things begin to play
out.  They’ve also laid out a lot of
things that can be explored in future seasons.
Three Things We
Learned This Week:
Barry will become director of the CSI division
of the CCPD and design Gideon.
Caitlin seems increasingly conflicted over Wells.
Iris knows that the explosion has created
meta-humans, she suspects STAR Labs did it intentionally and she may know Barry
is the Flash.
Three Questions:
How conflicted is Wells, or is he playing Team
Flash even now?
What will Iris do now that she suspects Barry is
The Flash?
Here’s a question that’s been bothering me the
more I watch this week’s episode: Did Wells build the Time Vault or is
something else going on? (As in; The Time Vault is “bigger on the

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