Fox Releases First Trailer for LUCIFER Series

What if the
decided to Devil quit?
This is the question asked by the teaser for Fox’s Lucifer below:
The trailer seems to showcase what will have to be the series’ biggest strength; the charisma of Tom Ellis
as the title character.  It also seems to
be Lucifer’s primary weapon as in the three minute trailer he is shown using
his charm (even calling them as such at one point) to his advantage.  To his credit, Ellis does seem to be charming
in the role.
The show also hints at the driving premise of the show, angered
by the death of someone he knows he teams up with Lauren German’s Det. Chloe
Dancer to hunt down and punish those responsible.  The video also points to the relationship
between the two with Dancer being immune to his charms.

DB Woodside’s Amendiel is also featured in the trailer, as he
demands Lucifer’s return to Hell and hints at the consequences of him not doing
What is most on display here a smirking humor that seems
designed to hook people in. Ellis is
shown as quick witted and pithy, which many of Fox’s most successful series
have built themselves upon (House MD
being the biggest example.)
Of course, little can be learned from a trailer but there are
some hints to some substance behind the style.
Lucifer is developed by Warner Television and Fox, and it will premier in 2016.

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