Geoff Johns Talks SUPERGIRL Criticisms, Compares Series to THE FLASH

At a signing for the just released Batman: Earth One vol 2, DC Comics CCO and writer Geoff Johns had a chance to
discuss the recent reaction to the teaser for Supergirl.  Particularly
those who unfairly compared the teaser to a spoof trailer for a fictional Black
Widow solo film on SNL that popped up about the same time.
Johns had this to say about the comparison: “Everyone deserves to have a reaction, but at
the end of the day, I believe in the pilot, I believe in the show. When people
see the pilot, they’re going to be blown away.
He then pointed out how many people issued baseless
complaints about Grant Gustin and the Flash costume before the premiere of the
show before seeing the show and changing their tunes:
When they first
saw his suit, when we cast [Flash actor] Grant [Gustin], people were like,
‘That’s not the Flash!’ and now people are like, ‘Oh my god, he is the Flash!’
I’m so proud of that show…  And it truly
is a Flash TV show, we’re not shying away from anything. We jokingly said, yeah
we’re doing Gorilla Grodd and I think people were like, ‘Okay…’ Yeah, no,
we’re doing Gorilla Grodd! And we’ve got a lot of great plans for Supergirl in
the same vein as that.
Johns is excited for the reaction when people see the pilot
in whole for the first time.  He also
made a promise: “We’re going to try
to execute to the best of our ability and we’ve got great people we’re working
with and I’m really excited about it. It’s really important; it’s an important
show for us.
It seems that John made no mention of the leak of the pilot.
Source – IGN
Supergirl airs
Monday Nights at 8E on CBS starting in November.

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