More Rumored Details on JUSTICE LEAGUE’s Green Lanterns; Chris Pine to Play Hal Jordan After All?

Last night, we heard a rumor suggesting that the next Green Lantern film will star more than one human Lantern. Fans have been debating back-and-forth on whether Hal Jordan or John Stewart should lead the movie, but now, it looks like it’ll be both. While the two will apparently be in the Green Lantern reboot, will both of them also be in Justice League, or just one? Another rumor answers this question, while also reviving an old casting rumor.

According to Latino-Review, Warner Bros. intends to bring out its entire Justice League lineup at San Diego Comic-Con next month. This lineup will apparently include Green Lantern Hal Jordan…AND John Stewart. Yes, the site claims that both Lanterns will be in Justice League. There will likely be a plot reason explaining the presence of both. Maybe Stewart is a back-up Lantern for Jordan when he’s on the Justice League? Or are they from two different sectors? We’ll see.

Naturally, if the two Green Lanterns will be announced at Comic-Con, then actors will likely have been selected by now. Chris Pine has been rumored for the Hal Jordan role on and off for years, but recently, he reportedly entered negotiations to play Steve Trevor in Wonder Woman. However, Latino-Review says that is a cover for Pine actually playing Jordan.

Hopefully, we will receive verification on these rumors sooner than later. Stay tuned for more as we have it.

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