New BATMAN: ARKHAM KNIGHT Gameplay Trailers Featuring Harley Quinn and Red Hood

With Batman: Arkham Knight just 16 days away, Rocksteady has released two new gameplay trailers. 
The first is a ‘Harley Quinn’ trailer, giving us a glimpse of  her fighting style, “detective mode” and stealth takedowns. Harley Quinn is available as a pre-order bonus. 
The second is a trailer for ‘The Red Hood’. It features his stealth and fighting style, while showing some of his “Kill” Takedowns. Note: Red Hood is a pre-order bonus exclusive to Gamestop

Pre-Order Batman: Arkham Knight to play as Harley Quinn

Pre-Order from Gamestop to play as Red Hood/Harley Quinn

Be the Batman on June 23rd, available PS4, X-Box One, and PC
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