Epic New Concept Art for DC’S LEGENDS OF TOMORROW Released

Taking a break from Entertainment Weekly‘s Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice coverage, the magazine also features The CW’s next superhero show, DC’s Legends of Tomorrow, in its San Diego Comic-Con 2015 issue. EW spoke with showrunner Phil Klemmer, who says that this team – which consists of heroes such as Atom and Hawkgirl, villains Captain Cold and Heat Wave, and resurrected assassin Sara Lance, among others – has quite a ways to go before earning the title of “Legends.”

“They’re screwups,” Klemmer says. “Instead of tiptoeing through history, they’re plodding through it, leaving their footprints and fingerprints and constantly having to wonder whether they’re going to screw the future up rather than fix it… It’s going to be total madness.” 

Klemmer elaborates, saying that the team will (understandably) not act in unison. “Who can resist the urge to correct the past or to investigate the future? The idea of traveling through time has a caper quality to it, and that’s what we’re looking forward to. Yes, there will be the big ‘try to stop Vandal Savage’ [plot], but people will inevitably become diverted on their little side missions and when people are trying to fix their own timeline, that’s when you really start screwing things up.”

Included in EW’s interview is an awesome piece of concept art for the series. The image seemingly depicts the Legends’ battle against Vandal Savage’s army, as seen in the trailer. Atom, Firestorm, Captain Cold and even The Flash are all seen taking out the villain’s goons. Check it out below, and stay tuned for more as we have it. DC’s Legends of Tomorrow is set to premiere in early 2016.

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