New Details on ARROW Season Four Revealed as Production is About to Begin

Arrow promised a bold new direction for its fourth season at Comic-Con this weekend, debuting a new costume for Oliver Queen’s The Arrow Green Arrow and teasing a lighter tone. Production on the season is about to commence, with executive producer Marc Guggenheim confirming that the season premiere will be titled “Green Arrow.” Now, he and others have offered new details on what to expect.

Speaking with io9 at Comic-Con, Guggenheim said that Arrow season four will not be as heavy on plot twists as season three was, promising a “new beginning.” The season will also be a return to Oliver’s public persona, and his dividing time between that and being Green Arrow. Essentially, the producers wish to write more “Oliver in the suit” stories. Also, expect Diggle and Felicity’s roles to be beefed up, almost to the point of being co-leads on the show.

Additionally, Arrow‘s fourth season will focus on the existence of magic in this universe. John Barrowman says that his character, Malcolm Merlyn (“Merlyn the Magician”), will be at the center of it. It will also play into Oliver’s flashbacks this season. Stephen Amell says, “There’s a nice new element of magic and mysticism this year. When it appears on the scene, it is something he [Oliver] is afamiliar with from his time away. I’ve read three episodes so far, and all of them seem bigger than our season finale last year. So we’re in for some long long days and nights.” Speaking of flashbacks, Guggenheim said that this year’s segments will “really surprise” audiences. And if you’re looking for non-Oliver centric flashbacks, you’ll have to wait until the eighth episode of the season.

Talk then turned to this season’s big bad, Damien Darhk. Unlike past seasons of Arrow, this year won’t wait to introduce him until the middle of the season; rather, he will be front and center from the get-go. Season four will also focus on the theme of family; biological families, the Team Arrow family, etc. And for Olicity fans, that relationship will continue to develop, with Oliver finally at peace emotionally and even almost physically.

For even more on Arrow season four, such as Merlyn’s role, Oliver and Diggle’s damaged relationship and more, click the link above. Arrow returns to The CW on October 7th.

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